Trump’s Support Among Latino Voters Causes Liberal Actor To Pummel Piñata On TV

(Congressional Agenda) – Leftist Hispanic actor and extremely flagrant liberal John Leguizamo recently guest hosted an episode of ‘The Daily Show’ and had an absolute meltdown over the fact that many former Democratic minorities are jumping ship and heading over to Trumpville. Progressives view this as an act of betrayal to one’s race. Because you’re not allowed to be an individual in the eyes of liberals. No, you are part of a collective, always, meaning you aren’t allowed to think for yourself.

It’s actually quite racist when you think about it, as the insinuation is, unless you vote Democrat you aren’t Hispanic enough, or Black enough, or whatever nationality you might be.

According to The Western Journal, one segment of the episode included news that former President Donald Trump has been gaining massive support from the Latino community, which made Leguizamo rage.

“Clearly, Trump isn’t making any effort to get Latino voters, or making it a priority,” the actor asserted. “But, the thing that hurts me the most is that his lazy-a** strategy is actually working.”

“Leguizamo then played a segment from a recent CNN report, which showed ‘former president Trump gaining ground among Latino voters,’ leading with 46 percent support over Biden’s 40 percent in a recent poll,” the piece said. “Then Leguizamo, in a bit that was clearly meant to be funny instead of concerning, told the audience ‘Excuse me for a second, please’ before pulling a piñata out from underneath the desk (not doing much to combat stereotypes here, apparently.)”

He proceeded to give the piñata the beating of a lifetime while spouting off a colorful variety of Spanish cuss words before completely losing his mind and tearing the poor thing limb from limb. The audience, of course, made up of folks who seem to have been pulled out of the film, ‘Idiocracy,’ clapped and cheered at his antics. Perhaps these individuals should be heavily medicated? Maybe they already are and that’s the problem.

Leguizamo took his seat, saying, “sorry.”

The actor then finally admitted what liberals have been trying to avoid, by saying, “It looks like the Democrats are in trouble.”

The WJ noted there were two major takeaways from the segment. The first was that it revealed why the individuals behind the program are so desperate to somehow pull Jon Stewart back as the host. Stewart is an annoying liberal, but he at least could, some of the time, get a laugh out of you. There was nothing funny about Leguizamo.

“Instead, it was cringy, unfunny and off-putting in its wanton destruction of an innocent piñata. (Again, weren’t liberals supposed to be against perpetuating cultural stereotypes?) Second, the segment further demonstrated just how remarkably out of touch the liberal elites were and are with the average American voter,” The Western Journal stated.

Maybe the reason Biden is losing so many Latino voters is because he has no respect for their culture, way of life, nor the sacrifices they made to come here the legal way and build a life for themselves in the land of opportunity. Biden and his ilk are essentially destroying and spitting on everything they worked for.

They want the wall built and the law enforced. These are good citizens who love their country.

Latinos, just like other minorities, have woken up to the fact that they are being used as political pawns by Democrats who want money, power, and election victories. The left brought it all on themselves.

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  1. Leguizamo said, “Trump isn’t making any effort to get Latino voters.” Trump is appealing to the needs of all American voters. That includes Latino voter as Americans. The effort is there instead of pandering.

  2. What an idiot!! You can tell he gets his material from CNN!! He is in all essence making fun of his own people! How sad!

  3. Why would any normal person continue to watch this crap? Everyone in this country needs to ask themselves, when it comes to these “celebrities“… Do they really know how I feel and how I live? Of course the answer is a big fat no.

  4. This guy is a A**hole. What again what has Biden done for the American people. NOTHING . Even young kids can see that Biden is no-good. But you can see that Leguizamo has no clue, and tells lies just like Biden . Biden has his own school for Lies.

  5. Liberals, especially minorities, are supposed to be a part of the liberal/Democrat “collective”??? What, are they all members of the Borg, where they all have to have one mind and move in lockstep???


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