SHOCK SURVEY: Percentage Of Americans Calling For Mass Deportation Will Terrify Illegals Everywhere

(Congressional Agenda) – Americans have had enough of illegal aliens flooding across our wide open border and sucking up resources — welfare, healthcare, jobs — and want to see these lawbreakers booted back to their countries of origin. We’re done playing around. Crime rates have skyrocketed over the last few years as this crisis continues to rage on with President Joe Biden and his ilk in the administration doing absolutely nothing to bring the whole mess to an end.

According to Connor Cavanaugh of The Western Journal, an online survey was recently conducted by Axios, which asked a total of 6,251 adults between the dates of March 29th and April 14th, if they support the “mass deportations of undocumented immigrants.” Just for the record, the correct term is “illegal aliens,” not “undocumented immigrants.”

A total of 51 percent of Americans support the idea of deportation for illegal aliens. Many folks who read that will think that 51 percent is only a very slim majority and does not seem like a lot, however, they aren’t looking at the overall picture.

“This wasn’t a survey asking about border security or funding or separating families. It was a survey asking whether respondents agreed with mass deportation, something many people would have considered extreme not so very long ago,” the report pointed out. “The breakdown is also quite surprising, because the issue is clearly no longer Republican only.”

“Of course, there is a strong majority of right-wing Americans supporting the idea, as 68 percent of GOP respondents supported the idea, but it’s still quite popular among Democrats and Independents,” Cavanaugh wrote. “A strong 46 percent of Independents and a surprising 42 percent of Democrats said they, too, support mass deportation of illegal immigrants.”

The survey also asked if Americans were in favor of ending birthright citizenship, something that is currently guaranteed under the 14th Amendment of our Constitution.

The majority of those questioned didn’t support it, though 46 percent of the GOP and 30 percent of the Democratic Party favored the idea.

“The Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll was based on what was described as ‘a nationally representative sample of 6,251 U.S. adults.’ It was conducted online, March 29-31; April 5-7; and April 12-14, 2024. The margin of error was plus or minus 1.5 percentage points,” the report added.

Americans want to see our border secured and the law enforced. Illegal aliens are coming into the country by the thousands and it is causing mass chaos for border states, which is slowly beginning to spread to other states as well. Biden has not done anything to stop this disaster. He’s just letting it go on and on.

Former President Donald Trump has stated on many occasions that should he be given another four years in the White House, he’ll take fast and devastating action to secure the border, send back illegals, and ensure our nation is protected from further invasion.

I think it’s pretty obvious who needs to be put in charge of this problem.

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