SHOWDOWN: AOC Gets A Primary Challenger

(Congressional Agenda) – Everyone’s favorite Democrat, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, has a new primary challenger in the form of NYC businessman Marty Dolan, who stated that he’s had more than enough of her far-left “radicalism.” Haven’t we all? AOC has done nothing of substance or value since first getting elected to office. It’s hard to understand why in the world so many people have continued to vote her into the position. All she’s done is activism from within Congress. That’s it. Ocasio-Cortez supports radical policy positions that have contributed to the destruction of our economy and way of life.

“He has announced he is running to unseat the three-term congresswoman and he did not mince words regarding how he feels about the congresswoman and others in his party. Marty Dolan is a Wall Street investor who received his MBA from Harvard University and grew up in New York City,” The Western Journal divulged. “His campaign website says he is also an avid golfer and writer and also enjoys restoring old homes.”

Dolan revealed that the reason for his candidacy for the 14th district is that he wants to pull his party out of the weeds and restore some sanity that he feels AOC has stripped from it.

“I am excited to formally announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for New York’s 14th Congressional District,” Dolan remarked on his campaign site. “The June 25th, 2024, primary will be a referendum: Are we better or worse off from following radical policies?”

Dolan explained that “progressives” like AOC are “radicals whose influence on the Democratic Party is overweight.” He then noted the failure of the modern Democratic Party positions to keep citizens of New York safe.

“The impact in NYC is obvious: bail reform a disaster, the National Guard in the subway, toothpaste locked up in drugstores but criminals running free, scarce resources directed to (non-sanctuary) immigrants coming from all over the world,” Dolan commented.

“These difficulties must be addressed in the context of a runaway $34 trillion federal debt and NYC’s 14% marginal tax rate,” he continued. “Regional tax inequality is far more exaggerated in the USA than in any other country.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s primary challenger declared that progressives and their twisted up policies have driven 500,000 former tax paying residents out of New York, which he said is “unsustainable.”

“The radicals can’t deliver more than breadcrumbs when they ignore that the primary breadwinners are leaving and brush off taxpayer concerns in favor of abstract populist ideologies,” Dolan asserted. “Enough is enough.”

“We also urgently need to ‘reset’ our society’s income inequality and harmonize regional differences in social policy,” Dolan added. “We call our approach the ‘Hamilton Plan v. 2.0’ in honor of one of our greatest New Yorkers, Alexander Hamilton, who forged the independent colonies into a great republic.”

A moderate Democrat will have a whole lot of appeal in this area of New York, so Dolan might pose an actual risk to her re-election efforts. It would certainly be nice to get rid of Ocasio-Cortez and if a moderate were to get the seat, there are certainly worse outcomes.

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