Republican Congressman Charges Biden Intent On Destroying U.S. Military

(Congressional Agenda) – A congressman has come forward and stated it’s his belief that President Joe Biden is attempting to destroy the United States military through the implementation of left-wing ideology by indoctrinating soldiers with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training, which has been given a significant amount of cash in the budget. Leftists are not satisfied with brainwashing whole generations of children through public school and universities. They now have to try and take over the military. Why?

The answer is simple.

What the left wants is an armed forces that is loyal to them instead of the American people or the Constitution. It’s sort of like the Star Wars prequels. The main bad guy, Palpatine, who later becomes the evil emperor, starts an intergalactic war in order to justify consolidation of power in his own position. In order to enforce his policies, he creates a clone army that is literally bred and created to obey his every order, no matter how heinous or oppressive.

That’s basically what radicals like Biden and the Democratic Party extremists are trying to do by indoctrinating our troops with this divisive DEI garbage.

As per Ben Johnson at The Washington Stand, “The Biden administration’s Department of Defense has requested $114.7 million to teach ‘diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility’ (DEIA) to the U.S. armed forces and deeply embed ‘DEIA values, objectives, and considerations in how we do business and execute our missions.’ The budget request in the pending National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) shows the budget dedicated to teaching the race-based ideology in the U.S. military increasing from $68 million in 2022 to $86.5 million in the last fiscal year.”

“Democrats, who have often been accused of transforming the military from an elite fighting force into an experiment for social engineering, seem to want to transform the U.S. military into a safe space, according to the Biden administration’s official Fiscal Year 2024 budget request. ‘The Department is committed to building a safe environment to serve. This includes fully embracing a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and thought to build unity within the DoD,’ says the document, released in March,” Johnson continued.

The document then states that Biden and his ilk “continue their efforts to eliminate” the alleged “extremism an discrimination” that they say is happening in the military. Democrats are painting the current landscape of military life — cultural life in general really — as if we’re back in the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights movement never happened. Are people racist? Yes, some people are indeed. However, institutions are no longer this way, thanks to the Civil Rights era. We’re passed it. Although, Joe Biden and the administration under his leadership are doing their best to recreate it.

The left says that DEI teaches “principles that are critical … They are not simply about building a workforce; they are the cornerstone of the human element of warfighting and national security.”

Johnson points out in his report that the document employs the use of the term “diversity” a total of 18 times.

Representative Mark Alford, a Republican from Missouri, remarked, “This administration and the Obama administration before them are intent on destroying our military by dividing us further.”

He then noted that the refusal of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, to look into House amendments stripping left-wing ideological funding from the NDAA is “part of this master plan to keep this DEI and the CRT [critical race theory] going in the military after we have offered successfully amendment after amendment to get rid of these programs.”

The version of the NDAA proposed by House Republicans would “take out the critical race theory and DEI stuff” and “limit the abuses and the Woke” agenda the current administration is pushing down the throats of military personnel, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas said to Perkins during their conversation on Wednesday.

As you might imagine, the budget request got some heavy and immediate push back from many GOP members of the House, including Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who asked, “Does Joe Biden want the military to be a lethal fighting force or a clown show?”

My money is on the latter.

“We need our military laser-focused on defending the nation, not on woke training seminars,” Rep. Dan Bishop, a North Carolina Republican, went on to say. “Congress can’t continue to rubber-stamp this superfluous spending.”

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