Fetterman Strikes Again! Makes Stunning Admission About Border Crisis

(Congressional Agenda) – What in the world is happening to Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman? The man who is claiming to be Fetterman today is not at all the man we saw when he was running for office, or even during the first few months of his time in the Senate. He’s saying a whole lot of things that make sense and many conservatives agree with him. The world has truly gone mad.

According to BizPac Review, Fetterman has once again broken away from the radical leftists in his party with recent comments he gave concerning the border crisis. We are currently, at this very moment, going through what many are calling a legitimate invasion by the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border into the United States on a daily basis. These are folks who have no desire to contribute to the actual system, getting a free sample of American greatness paid for by American citizens.

“The Pennsylvania Democrat has infuriated progressives with his staunch support of Israel in its war on the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza as well as by speaking common sense about the porous southern border that the Biden regime has done virtually nothing to address,” the report noted. “Fetterman talked with CNN’s Jake Tapper on a recent edition of ‘The Lead’ where he spoke about his concern with the border crisis and the reluctance of his fellow Democrats to fix what has become one of the nation’s greatest problems.”

Fetterman stated during the program that he’s a big fan of immigration, but the crisis unfolding along the southern border is not sustainable as he continued to explain why he’s being slammed so hard by individuals on the left who were once his ardent supporters.

I mean, I know why they are attacking him. The radical left is based on a hive mind mentality. It only works if everyone is forced to hold the same position on every issue. This is what they want to do to the whole country because that’s how they think they can create a utopian society. If everyone thinks and believes the same, without deviation, well, that brings peace. Fetterman is refusing to go along with the hive mind, and thus they are attempting to shame him.

“I honestly don’t understand,” he remarked during the interview. “I don’t know why it’s controversial to anybody to decide that you’re gonna stand with Israel in this situation. I honestly don’t understand why it’s controversial to say we need a secure border.”

“I’ve been very clear, in fact, that was weaponized against me as Republicans in my race, that I’m very much a strong supporter of immigration, and you know, my wife’s family, that’s the origin story about that,” Fetterman continued. “And I think two things can be true at the same time. You can be very supportive of immigration, but we also need to have a secure border.”

“I think about immigration is, we want to provide the American dream for any migrant but it seems very difficult when you have 300,000 people showing up, encountered at our border to do that,” he declared. “And I think that we need to do a reset and we have to work together and develop a new comprehensive solution…”

The senator then took an opportunity to emphasize that he’s in support of the Democrats and their demand for billions of more dollars to be shipped off to Ukraine as part of a deal that includes some money set aside for securing the border.

“We also must secure our border. The compromise undoubtedly will test the resolve of both sides of the Senate, but it is reasonable and vital that we forge one.” he posted on X.

I’m still shocked that one of the most logical individuals right now in the Democratic Party is John Fetterman. It’s enough to melt your mind. He is sounding more and more like Democrats from a long, long time ago before the party was co-opted by radical progressives. All of this started to come about after he was hospitalized last year for clinical depression.

Wonder if part of his depressive spell was due to the fact he wasn’t expressing his true thoughts and feelings on the issues of the day, towing the progressive line instead? Being a “yes man” can stifle your own self-expression and denying a critical part of who you are results in all kinds of awful things internally.

“Increasingly, [progressives] moved and migrated into some positions that I don’t agree with and I really just feel much more comfortable just being a Democrat,” Fetterman recently said during an interview with the New York Post on why he is growing less and less enamored with progressives.

Here’s to hoping the common sense of Fetterman rubs off on his colleagues.

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  1. Wow, a democrat that was once labeled as a nut job is now the voice of reason and common sense. Who knew? Too bad too many disagree with the common sense approach to our solving our illegal invasion problem.

  2. So when is immigration enough immigration???
    How many is too many? Does it take America looking like one over-populated sewer like Delhi, India or Mexico City, Mexico or Dhaka, Bangladesh???
    When do stupid liberals and the morons they elect say enough is enough???


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