WHAT A DISGRACE: E. Jean Carroll Trashes Trump, Reveals What She Will Do With Her $83.3 Million (VIDEO)

(Congressional Agenda) – They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but I say it’s more like hell hath no fury like an evil, vindictive woman with a low balance in her bank account. This adage is being proven true by E. Jean Carroll, a woman who popped out of the woodwork to accuse former President Donald Trump of sexual assault. He promptly denied the allegations, which led to her filing a lawsuit that just last week awarded her $83 million. However, for Carroll, the fact she won a dubious lawsuit and is now a millionaire is not enough. She stated during an interview on Monday that she has plans for the cash. Carroll is going to use it to cause Trump pain.

According to BizPac Review, “Having previously landed $5 million from her civil suit against former President Donald Trump that found him liable for battery and defamation, the author was awarded more than $83 million in damages by a New York City jury in her follow-up defamation suit.”

The clearly overjoyed Carroll appeared on “Good Morning America” where she sat next to her lawyer Roberta Kaplan and continued to throw allegations at the former president while also making threats of potentially filing more lawsuits in the future. Because, like a shark, the victory from last Friday has Carroll smelling blood in the water.

Program host George Stephanopoulos greeted Carroll in the segment as if she were a superstar or royalty asking her if victory had “settled in yet?” Mainstream media outlets like ABC News are propaganda makers and the way Stephanopoulos conducted himself during this interview just adds to the evidence backing that assertion up. They revel in every opportunity to harm Trump and those who support his America First agenda.

“What a great question,” she said with a chuckle. “The elation was so great on Friday. It filled me up — it was almost painful.”

“Today I’m just very happy because I’m calm enough to realize what [Kaplan] did,” Carroll replied.

“I don’t want to waste money,” the author remarked before explaining what she’s got planned for the cash. “Well, I do have an idea. I’d like to give the money to something Donald Trump hates. If it will cause him pain for me to give money to certain things, that’s my intent-”

“Perhaps a fund for the women who have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump,” the host interjected, despite the fact that former President Trump has not been convicted by a jury of his peers concerning any such allegations. Stephanopoulos needs to be reminded that in the United States you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Besides, there have been more than a few allegations of sexual assault made against President Joe Biden, but I don’t see Stephanopoulos wanting to come to the aid of those women. Why not? Isn’t that a little inconsistent? Of course it is. It’s a double standard all around.

“The media blitz that included appearances on CBS and CNN Monday morning repeating many of the same details also had Kaplan undeterred by the potential for delays in the receipt of the eight-figure sum,” the report noted. “As had been detailed, while the appeals process is underway, Trump is still expected to pay Carroll in full or he could attempt to secure a bond that would come with interest and fees if he were able to find a financial institution willing to loan him the tens of millions of dollars.”

If Trump were to repeat the statements that led to Carroll filing the lawsuit in the first place, Kaplan declared, “All options are on the table. If we have to bring another case, we bring another case.”

Social media users, however, were not buying what Carroll was trying to sell, referring to her behavior during the interview as disgusting and indicative of being a gold-digger.

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  1. The sad part of this whole thing is that he was presumed guilty without a real trial when that first $ 5 million was awarded. Now we had this left wing radical judge decided he was also guilty and upped the amount she was awarded. Somehow I doubt that the big $ 83 million amount will hold up through the appeal process, at least for those that still believe we have a fair and honest judicial system would hope for. This whole thing with this dame is that the dems are trying to get something on Trump that will keep him out of politics, and they don’t care how they do it. It’s really sad how this country has gotten so divided and nasty.

  2. She should really divide up the money with the jury who believed her crap. She was raped but couldn’t remember where and than she picked a department store, an expensive store where ladies stand by the clothes changing rooms in case the person in there needs another size. And then there is always the problem of stealing expensive clothes. And someone like Trump doesn’t go to stores to purchase gifts as she claimed. These people like Trump have a personal secretary to purchase odds and ends like birthday gifts after finding out what the person getting the gift wants or just guesses at what the person wants or would like. These fake democrats always use sex mainly rape sex against people like Trump whom threaten what a democrat wants. Every woman who has accused Trump and other non democrats of sexual abuse hoping to bring the republican or liberal down seems to forget the details of the sexual incidents. Believe me, a woman who has been raped never forgets the circumstances of rape. The main ingredient of rape is the fear that you will be killed not just the act of rape itself. If you want proof I can tell you all the details of my rape and this was 60 years ago when rape was kept silent because men wouldn’t want to marry the woman. Since the 50s on, rapists go to jail and the woman/child hopefully gets help. Odd that all this woman seems to be concerned about is the money and attention and not the fact she didn’t demand money when it happened or even report the rape. Why now is what the jury should have asked. She’s lying, just another democrat using the opportunity to destroy Trump and using the jury to collect money for herself. Like I said, she should pay the jury for “believing” her when she doesn’t even believe herself the rape she can’t remember the details of. She’s too happy and when you remember your rape, you are not deliriously happy like she is when talking about the rape not the money.

    • I believe that not only the initial trial, but the defamation trials afterwards, were absolutely 100% unfair trials, because the Prosecutors, Judges, and Juries, were all Democrats, no Republicans. All Biased against Trump, and willing to lie or do anything else just to get him. I hope that all of those people go to be with their master, Satan.

  3. E(vil) Jean Carroll represents everything wrong in this country. The NYC courts, judges, DAs, and juries are beneath contempt. Carroll is a non-entity and filthy useless. She will never enjoy a dime. BTW, Trump doesn’t drink, attracts a world of actual beauties and classy mates. She is a guttersnipe unworthy of defecating on.


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