Watch Biden’s Back-To-Back Mishaps Boarding Air Force One

(Congressional Agenda) – Having Joe Biden as the president of what at one time was the greatest and most powerful nation on earth is an absolute and utter embarrassment. We have almost always, since the very beginning of our nation’s inception, exuded strength, power, and elegance. Other nations around the globe have respected and looked towards us as an example of leadership. Sadly, thanks to Biden, that reputation has taken a pretty massive hit, one that it might not be able to recover from.

Just watch the decrepit Biden trying to navigate a set of stairs and you’ll see what I mean. It’s clear he’s weak, and frail, the exact opposite of the image we want to project to the world and the American public. Even a short flight of steps poses problems for him. This is what happens when you have a man in his 80s serving as the commander-in-chief, especially one who is suffering from cognitive decline and serious issues with mobility.

“In a clip shared by RNC Research on X, Biden is seen attempting to ascend the shorter set of stairs recently put in place for Air Force One,” The Western Journal reported.

“Thankfully, Biden does not take an epic tumble as he has in the past, but he still stumbles on the steps twice in the ten seconds it takes him to mount the stairs,” the report continued. Isn’t it sad that the leader of the greatest nation on earth is falling down stairs. This administration and president are hard to watch.

Research from the RNC has also revealed that a “Secret Service agent is placed at the bottom of the stairs whenever Biden boards or disembarks to prevent this very scenario from happening,” the New York Times said.

Despite all of the extreme focus placed on Biden not taking a tumble, he still, somehow, manages to stumble.

Here’s what others had to say about Biden’s bumbling up the stairs:

One user pointed out, “I counted 15 steps. Before the new stairs were installed, AF1 had at least twice that many steps,” and another went on to say, “They really shouldn’t make that old man walk up stairs like that. Do you think the Air Force guards have a betting pool to see how many steps he makes before he trips?”

At this point, despite being heavily critical of Biden, you can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him. The man needs to be at home receiving care for his condition, not being used as a political prop by the Democratic Party.

“As these incidents, together with Biden’s frequent tendency to spout gibberish when trying to say anything, pile up, it reinforces the impression that most people have: Biden is a senile, frail old man, who has no business being anywhere near the office of president. His handlers’ tendency to keep him away from the press unless its absolutely necessary, likewise, doesn’t do much to change that impression,” the WJ article stated.

It’s time for the Democratic Party and the rest of the administration to finally admit Biden is not fit for duty and cannot run the country. It’s bad for him to continue being pushed like this. It is no doubt speeding up his deterioration. But alas, all that matters to the left is the agenda. That’s it.

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  1. This guy is a total disgrace to what was once a great country. He is an embarrassment to all US citizens because of his continuous attempts to buy votes with the stroke of an executive order. On the other hand Biden is a master of deception. Four years ago his socialist ideas were so well hidden under the appearance of true American who has served his country for years and wanted to continue down that path.
    Look where that path has led.


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