WATCH: Biden FORGETS The Name Of Hamas!

(Congressional Agenda) – Most Americans probably don’t require any additional proof that President Joe Biden is suffering from some pretty serious cognitive decline, but he just keeps piling it up, so we might as well share it with the people in the back of the room who are refusing to acknowledge this clear reality. Maybe, just maybe, some common sense will pop into their brains and they’ll opt to not cast a ballot for Biden in November. We can hope, right?

The latest example of Biden’s slow descent into dementia comes via the New York Post, which is reporting that during his most recent press conference the president appeared to get lost, even seemingly forgetting the name of the terrorist group that wrought destruction in Israel, known as Hamas. This is most definitely concerning.

According to the piece, “The oldest-ever US president was asked a question Tuesday about the ongoing hostage negotiations between the terrorist group and Israel, after delivering a speech promoting the new border security bill.”

“There is some movement, and I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna …,” the 81-year-old commander-in-chief went on to say before trailing off, his face going completely blank.

“Let me choose my words — there’s some movement, there’s been … a response from the, uh…,” he continued to stammer, once again pausing while staring straight ahead with the same befuddled look.

“There’s been a response … from … the opposition, but, um —” he rambled.

Then, still looking lost in the woods, Biden shot a glance to his left for some guidance.

“Yes, I’m sorry, from Hamas,” he picked back up.

“Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), who is challenging the president for the Democratic nomination, was among those unable to contain their horror at the footage,” the Post wrote.

“I’m attacked for being honest and saying the quiet part out loud — the part DC insiders only do in private,” he stated in a post published on X.

“I admire our President. I voted for him and campaigned for him. He has visited my home and been gracious to my family and our country. But shame on all of you pretending everything is OK. You are leading us — and him — into a disaster, and you damn well know it,” he declared.

Mark Stone, a correspondent for Sky News US, referred to the incident as “quite a stark moment.”

“It was quite clear that he could not remember the word ‘Hamas’ and had to be prompted by a member of the media who was there in the White House,” Stone said to his UK network.

“This is not the first time — so many times over the past few years, he has stumbled on his words, and I think people, right or wrong, see it as more than just a problem with a stutter,” he then pointed out. “This is happening a lot and I think it is, you know, a reflection of his age.”

“There are so many people in America and beyond that are concerned that this is a man who is not going to be capable of fighting this brutal election that is upcoming,” Stone added.

The Democrats really want this man in office for another four years? If he’s this bad at 81, what will he be like at 86 when the second term is over? How atrocious will the decline be in the years leading up to that?

This man should not even be allowed to run. I’ll be shocked if he’s still the nominee come November.

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  1. The Democrats are doing this country a very big disservice by not removing Biden as their candidate. Apparently he hasn’t actually been running the government, it’s those handlers, that we can’t see or know, that are feeding him what to say and do. In Biden’s state of mind he is a danger to this country, and the left well knows it, but they don’t care as long as it keeps them in power. Wake up people and vote them all out in November while we still can.

  2. Biden is a joke throughout the world.If he’s not falling or stumbling ,he can’t recall names of other world leaders or obviously the name of terrorists groups.And what makes it ok for him to be exonerated from hiding documents and then crucify Trump for doing the same.Jill Biden should be ashamed for helping him to go the right direction or remember things.Jill Biden should be arrested for abusing the elderly.And I guess it’s ok for the Biden family to get rich off of foreign country.Biden is an embarrassment and needs to go to a nursing home to live out his days.


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