Trump Strikes Back: Launches Lawsuit Against Liberal Host And Network

(Congressional Agenda) – Former President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against both ABC News and anchor George Stephanopoulos, claiming they defamed him due to allegations of rape that the host made while conducting an interview with Congresswoman Nancy Mace of South Carolina. The left is obviously getting desperate now that Trump is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, as he’s on a collision course to face off for the second time against President Joe Biden.

According to The Western Journal, “Stephanopoulos confronted Mace during a March 10 interview on ‘This Week,’ asking how she — a rape victim when a teenager — could endorse the former president when ‘judges and two separate juries have found him liable for rape.'”

Mace, a Republican, offered some push back by stating that Stephanopoulos was trying to shame her as a rape victim.

“The rape reference was to a 2023 civil case in which writer E. Jean Carroll won a multimillion-dollar judgment against Trump for sexually abusing her in 1996 and defaming her. Contrary to what Stephanopoulos said, federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan told the jury members they could find Trump liable for rape, but they declined,” the report continued.

A later memorandum from Kaplan stated that while it was not technically a rape under the law in New York, alleged evidence presented during the trial shows claims of sexual abuse by the former president did violate the common and other legal violations of rape.

However, he “was never found liable for rape,” Alejandro “Alex” Brito, one of Trump’s legal team members in Miami, went on to say.

Brito asserted that Stephanopoulos’ accusation during the interview “is, from our estimation, a clear defamatory statement.”

“We reached out to ABC and ABC News on Sunday immediately following the news reporting and asked for an apology and a retraction,” the attorney remarked.

“And rather than acknowledge that Stephanopoulos crossed the line and made a mistake and provide us with such a retraction, all ABC did was change the headline of a print of this story,” he added.

Brito commented that he will be using another Stephanopoulos interview, this one with Carroll, that took place after the trial.

During that particular interview, the anchor asked Carroll, “How about yesterday in the courtroom? The first announcement was made, and it was that he was not found liable for rape. What were you thinking at that moment?”

Brito says that Stephanopoulos didn’t use the term by accident, but proclaimed he “knows the facts, yet he chooses to ignore the facts.”

“He said it 10 times in a 10-minute interview and was reading from notes when he asked these questions,” the attorney declared.

Carroll walked away from the trial with a victory and judgment of $5 million. In January, the former president was ordered to pay her a whopping $83.3 million for defamation.

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  1. It is most unfortunate that the Orange Guy is still brain washing so many people. He say he has cash but could not even get anyone to give him the money. He had to beg that the “fine” be reduced. Why do these people believe that he has so much money? Even his attorneys say he does not have the money. Hell, are they even getting paid themselves or did he make some promises if he is re-elected. How STUPID of them to believe him. By the way the real reason that the Orange Guy is still using the boarder as an issue is that he is aware that he CANNOT Stop them from coming is because of an auto manufacturing contract that he continued with while he was in office. He is only lying to make his IGNORANT followers believe otherwise. STOP DRINKING THE KOOL AID

  2. Funny thing is you can’t spell BORDER. You’re obviously suffering from TDS. The only treatment for TDS is moving to Canada. Unless you are already there.


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