THE FIX IS IN: Biden Promotes Top Staffers Linked To Classified Docs Mishap

(Congressional Agenda) – Several top aides who were involved in President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents received promotions within 24 hours of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s highly damaging report, which essentially stated Biden was incompetent to stand trial for the incident due to cognitive decline and issues with his memory. Imagine blaming your staff members for something this big and then promoting those exact same people for their “hard work.” Corruption and incompetence are the phrases that will define this administration.

“Annie Tomasini, a Biden staffer since his Senate days, was named a deputy White House chief of staff on Feb. 8 — and the next day Richard Ruffner moved into Tomasini’s old gig as director of Oval Office operations,” the New York Post divulged.

“I don’t think it should shock anyone that the Biden administration promotes people who help them cover up Joe’s abuse of classified information,” Jim Hanson, president of WorldStrat, a strategic consulting company, remarked about the news concerning the promotions.

“Tomasini, 44, began her career with Biden as his press secretary in 2008 when he was a U.S. senator from Delaware, and worked as a deputy press secretary for him in 2009-2010 as vice president. On the 2020 campaign trail, she served as his traveling chief of staff and joined the administration as director of Oval Office operations when he moved to the White House. Biden’s niece Caroline reported to Tomasini during her uncle’s failed 2008 presidential campaign,” the NY Post penned.

The House Oversight Committee cited Tomasini back in 2023 as having paid a visit to the Penn Biden Center in order to “take inventory of President Biden’s documents and materials” in March 2021. A series of classified documents were discovered at the facility in November 2022.

The Oversight Committee has been attempting to look deeper into the issue with Tomasini, seeking to sit down with her for a transcribed interview, however, the White House has been standing in the way.

“The Department of Justice has failed to deliver accountability for President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents and now Biden aides involved in the scandal are getting promotions,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, asserted to The Post.

“We’ve requested to interview Annie Tomasini about President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents but the White House is blocking her testimony and instead has promoted her to a senior role. The American people expect consequences for mishandling of classified information, not rewards,” he added.

Another aide involved in the scandal who found himself with a promotion is Richard Ruffner. He kicked off his career with the Biden family back in 2014 as a special assistant to former Second Lady Jill Biden before landing a job working directly for then-Vice President Joe Biden during the last three months of his term. Ruffner hung around the retired vice president for a total of three years as a personal aide before leaving to go work for Boston Consulting Group in June 2022.

Ruffner’s name is littered throughout the Hunter Biden hard drive in emails that suggest he is close to the larger family. One 2019 email shows Ruffner declining a $4,900 Venmo payment sent by Hunter Biden that had been earmarked for ‘dad,” the report said. “He rejoined Team Biden as deputy assistant to the president and director of Oval Office operations on Feb 9 — taking Tomasini’s old job — according to the Brookings Institute.”

Back on February 8, Special Counsel Robert Hur put out a report that summarized the findings of his investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents, discovering that the president “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials.” However, it noted that charges would not be brought against Biden due to the fact the jury would view him as an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

The NY Post continued, “Ruffner’s final months with then-Vice President Biden came into the spotlight after classified documents were discovered at Biden’s Delaware home in January 2023. Ruffner’s role in the removal of documents was first revealed by Kathy Chung during testimony she offered to the House Oversight Committee in November.”

Another of Biden’s aides, Chung, was hired to work for him in 2012, having been contacted by Hunter Biden and asked if she would be interested in the position.

“In her official testimony, Chung named Ruffner — along with other Biden hands like Steve Ricchetti, Melinda Medlin, and Sam Salk — as people who transported then-undiscovered classified materials from the General Services Administration facility to a different D.C. office,” Chung declared in testimony delivered to the committee.

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  1. Biden is the worse president in our history. His presidency is you can call it that has been a total failure, a total disaster. Biden is unfit for office which any person can see. He needs to be gone.

  2. An elderly man with a poor memory should not be the President of the United States!! If he can’t stand trial because of his cognitive impairment, why is he still capable of being President? IMPEACH!


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