SHOCK POLL: Voters Say Trump Conviction Wouldn’t Affect Their Support

(Congressional Agenda) – The radical leftists in this country have had since 2015 to figure out why Americans love, revere, and support former President Donald Trump so deeply, and for some strange reason, they seem to lack the intellectual capacity or insight into the human soul to figure it out. Well, a new poll concerning whether or not folks in Iowa would still support Trump if he were to be convicted of falsifying records and so-called election interference, should make it clear, but I’m not optimistic liberals will pick up on it.

The Daily Caller is reporting that the vast majority of those in Iowa would still give Trump their vote and stamp of approval if he were convicted on these charges, as per an NBC News/Des Moines Register poll that was published on Saturday.

“Trump is currently leading the Republican pack of presidential candidates in the Hawkeye state with an average of 52%, according to RealClearPolitics. Over 60% of Iowans planning to vote on Monday said that they would support Trump during the general election even if he is convicted during one of his trials in New York, Georgia or his federal trial in Florida, according to the poll,” the report noted. “Nearly 20% of Iowan voters said that a Trump conviction would make it more likely for them to vote for the former president in the general election, according to the poll. Only 18% said that they would be less likely to vote for Trump if he is convicted.”

Why are people so gung-ho for Trump? Well, for starters, the left has transformed him into a martyr for the conservative cause. Liberals do not seem to understand that the more they target him, attack him, and attempt to stop or silence him, the more Americans are convinced to throw their support behind him. Radical progressives have tied regular voters, the blue collar people of the country who are the backbone of our society, to the former president. When they go after him, they are really going after you and me. Thus, they have given average folk a vested interest in backing Trump every step of the way.

Trump’s fight against the deep state machine makes him a proxy for us in the same battle. He is us, we are him. The more these bogus assaults come flying out from the far-left, the more people will be convinced to get off the fence and plant themselves in MAGA camp. Yet they keep right on doing it, expecting different results. Pure insanity.

“A majority of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ voters, 70%, who responded to the poll claimed that a Trump conviction would not be an issue for them, while 26% said it may prevent them from supporting him. Over 50% of former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley’s supporters indicated that Trump’s conviction would not alter their support in 2024, versus 41% arguing it would make them less likely to support the former president,” the Daily Caller stated.

“The poll was conducted on Jan. 7-12, 2024 and comprised of 705 registered Iowa voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.7 percentage points,” the piece concluded.

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  1. Had enough of dementia Joe and whoever is running the country. Time to put a Rep. back in power. Demo. are dictators who want to tell you what to eat, what to drive, what you should cook with, force you to take the covid vacs, want to know what you spend your own money on, put MAGA people in jail without a trial, call us terrorist because we want to protect our children, letting illegals in that we have to pay for (bringing more crime and diseases). Enough is enough.

  2. The goal of the left wing democrats is to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it with their own version of a socialist government, with them in total control of course. It’s going to be hard for Trump to win a nationwide general election because the hate for him runs wide and deep across this country, and the left outnumbers the Trump Republicans. The left doesn’t seem to care that they are pushing this country closer and closer to that second civil war that has been talked about for several years now. When it happens it will tear this country apart and further divide us, and we may well find out that the United States of America no longer exists.

  3. Not surprising.
    Looking across the Big Pond from the UK, it is obvious that the US legal system, (I will not besmirch the word “justice” by using that word,) is so corrupt that any guilty verdict will be totally meaningless.

  4. While Trump did some good things while in the WH he has proven many times by: 1) what he has said 2) by what he has done/refused to do that he shouldn’t be in the WH again! The MAGA Republicans are content to have a Charismatic Bully that shows NO CHRISTIAN VALUES to defend them against the Democrats [where Trump spent most of his life and even supported Hillary in 2000] that SHOW NO CHRISTIAN VALUES. IMO it’s past time that the MAGA Republicans ‘wake up’ and evaluate the EVIDENCE of his unsuitability/UN-Godly behavior.

  5. Trump has not demonstrated enough morality, the virtue of truth, the ability to unite Americans, plus an ego that is as ll about him and not his fellow Americans to deserve a plurality of votes. Does anyone disagree?

    • I disagree, and you think the left has? Wow I’m amazed how ignorant the left supporters are, guess they’d love to have socialism and be told what they can snd do. What to think, they say well own nothing and be happy, this is what you want?


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