Nikki Haley Breaks Silence On Pardoning Trump

(Congressional Agenda) – Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, the only competition left in the GOP presidential primary for former President Donald Trump, recently revealed that if somehow she were to win the primary and beat Biden in the general, she’d indeed issue a pardon for Trump. I mean, I’m not surprised Haley would take that course of action because we all know the indictments he’s facing are nothing more than “lawfare” designed to weaponize the legal system into silencing President Joe Biden’s political enemies.

The question was asked by a currently undecided voter who attended a Fox News town hall event on Sunday. The individual asked Haley if she would pardon Trump should he be convicted in a federal court. She replied by saying that it wouldn’t be a “matter of innocence or guilt.”

“If you’re talking about pardoning Trump, it’s not a matter of innocence or guilt at that point because that means he would have already been found guilty,” she commented. “I believe in the best interest of bringing the country together I would pardon Donald Trump.”

In other words, she wouldn’t be pardoning him because she believed he was innocent of the bogus charges brought against him, but simply to keep the country together.

“Because I think it’s important for the country to move on,” she continued. “We’ve got to leave the negativity and the baggage behind. I don’t want this country divided any further. I don’t think it’s in the best interest for America to have an 80-year-old president sitting in jail and having everybody upset about it. I think this would be the time that we would need to move forward and get this out of the way,” Haley added.

“Haley remains the last holdout to Trump in the 2024 Republican primary and she trails Trump by large margins in the polls. It’s not imaginable that she can prevail at this point, so the hypothetical question is all but a moot point,” BizPac Review reported.

Social media users did not disappoint when it came to sharing their own thoughts on Haley’s statement.

Well, the good news is, I don’t think Trump is going to be tossed in the clink. In fact, I think the chances are very good, even likely, he’ll be the nominee facing down Joe Biden in November. After all, he’s beating Haley by a staggering percentage in her own state. Mighty nice of her to say that she would pardon him in some alternate fantasy world.

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  1. Trump will not win unless republicans do two things, show up to vote, don’t assume he will win. And, have hoards of republican volunteers at the election sites who will actually call cheating democrats out and stop the cheaters by turning them in to the police and to the republican in charge of the local republican party who has to have the guts to be at the election sites with back up when a cheating is noticed,. Don’t go home when the democrats close the doors on you especially when you have the piece of paper saying you are legally there to watch for cheating. Don’t run out the door when democrats tell volunteers to go home. Republicans, stay there and make sure no democrat is still in the buiOOlding; and, why aren’t security guards on duty 24 hours a day at the election sites. Too much to do, well, republicans lose when they don’t do this stuff and more.

  2. While I think Trump deserves the consequences for his actions/inaction’s even if they land him in jail/prison for life and I think Nikki Haley would make the BEST PRESIDENT of all those running or having run by the numbers she is UNLIKELY to win the nomination as Trump is charismatic and has cast his ‘spell’ on Republican voters. Also by the numbers Trump has proved in 2020 he’s a LOSER to Biden [and the ‘vanishing red wave’ of 2022 proves that election deniers, of which Trump is #1. LOSE!]


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