New Survey: Americans Say Biden Pushing U.S. Into ‘Civil War’!

(Congressional Agenda) – President Joe Biden is determined to ensure his own loss in the general election this November by refusing to fulfill his duty as the commander-in-chief to protect our nation, secure the border and deport the thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens who flood into our country on a weekly basis. This crisis started the moment he was sworn into office and he’s more or less completely ignored it the entire time as president. Border states and big cities across America are now overwhelmed by the sheer number of illegals, which has pushed this issue to the top of the list for U.S. voters.

In fact, according to the Washington Examiner, a brand new survey has discovered that the vast majority of voters want to see a Trump-style wall built along the border and are worried that Biden’s continued refusal to address this problem could eventually lead to the start of a civil war. The survey was conducted by I&I/TIPP Poll, which found that almost 6 in 10 individuals wish to see the border wall completed.

“The score wasn’t close: Among all respondents, 59% supported constructing a wall along our southern border, either ‘strongly’ (41%) or ‘somewhat’ (18%). Just 32% oppose the idea, either ‘strongly’ (17%) or ‘somewhat’ (15%),” the analysis disclosed.

“A huge GOP majority of 85% want a wall, first proposed by then-candidate Donald Trump when he ran for president in 2016. But even among Democrats, there is support, with 43% backing it. The new survey also found backing for state rights in protecting their international borders and a rejection of Washington’s threats to nationalize state National Guard troops being sent to Texas to help Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) stop illegal immigrants from crossing into his state,” the report said.

The poll comes a day after the Senate released a new piece of immigration legislation, which House leaders have already proclaimed to be dead in the water, believing it will allow too many individuals into our country. They also declared that the bill is heavily reliant on conditions concerning the very unrelated issues of funding for Ukraine and the Israeli-Hamas war.

“Immigration has been nudging into the group of topics voters are most concerned about in the upcoming election. Voters have expressed opposition to Biden’s open-border policies, his dismantling of Trump’s hawkish border actions and the record number of illegal crossings that have resulted,” the article continued.

Many liberals are still gung-ho about Biden’s moves regarding the border crisis and this is creating an even deeper divide between partisans and border states. Our nation has been torn asunder by years and years of progressive lies on issues of race, sexuality, and all sorts of things that at one time were not so prevalent until the left decided the best way to conquer the nation was to cleave it in half ideologically.

Now there are growing worries about the potential of a civil war.

“By a margin of 49%-38%, voters said that they are concerned about open conflict over illegal immigration. What’s more, Democrats and Republicans agree, independent voters less so,” the WE report divulged.

“Democrats and Republicans are nearly identical in their feelings: Democrats break 54% concerned vs. 34% not concerned, while Republicans are 55% concerned, 36% not concerned,” the analysis stated.

It then went on to say, “As this month’s I&I/TIPP Poll shows, Americans largely side with restricting illegal immigration flows into the country, including building a wall to keep those who would enter illegally out. But, as [University of Tennessee law professor Glenn] Reynolds notes, potentially ‘what you get looks disturbingly like the early stages of a civil war.’”

Let’s hope these issues are resolved in a peaceful manner that does not lead to any sort of violence. Our nation needs to be united, if we’re going to survive the onslaught of liberal ideology that has been shredding our society.

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  1. Misdirection, thy name is Republican (AKA Trump’s Party). The proposed immigration legislation was supported by House Republicans until Trump said not to support it. It stopped the wholesale border crossings, and even showed how to stop all immigration if the numbers got too high. That’s just what Abbott of Texas and DeSantis of Florida wanted although Florida has no border with Mexico. But Trump, afraid he’s not going to regain the office of President, wants no bill so he can campaign against Biden for not stopping all foreigners from coming into the country. You must also remember that Trump was the one who advanced the NO MUSLIMS ban as executive order in his term. It’s a racist, barely concealed bigotry move by the right wing extremists. Everybody outside MAGA know the truth–this bill is an improvement acceptable initially by the GOP, which reversed direction at the behest of Trump. We need to pass this feeble but advancement immigration action with Democratic support it already has. Only disorderly Republicans on the Hill have reversed their minds to reject the bill now.

  2. If Donald Trump is NOT on the ballot paper this year because of the Democratic Party’s “Lawfare” against him, or if he is on the paper and they Dems pull the same stunts they did in 2020, then I will not be surprised if a civil war did break out.
    I wonder if that is why the Dems are allowing so many military aged migrants to enter the USA?
    Especially military aged Chinese young men?????

  3. Civil war isn’t in the cards of anybody but MAGA insurrectionists since before January 6, 2021. And you, if you are an American citizen, should know that your “Lawfare” is the way changes are made in America, not civil war.
    You are not clear about any “stunts” from 2020. Please clarify or be known as a propagandist, not commentator on this story.
    FYI Customs and Boarder Patrol members of the deep state are policing the border, assuming you mean imigrants are border crossers on the Mexican border, not Democrats. Think about your statement again and realize that most people in the world are ‘military aged’, so your crack doesn’t make much sense. I’d like to see your statistics on any China young men who you say are military aged. You are fantasizing far beyond the available news broadcasts or print sources which reliably analyze such things.


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