MUST READ: The ‘Sleeping Giant’ Case That Threatens To Unravel Jack Smith’s Prosecution Of Trump

(Congressional Agenda) – The corruption within the Justice Department has led to unprecedented levels of weaponization in federal law enforcement, never before witnessed under any previous administration. Deep state actors have utilized the FBI, other government agencies and courts to attack and attempt to silence the political enemies of President Joe Biden, leading to the creation of what is now being referred to as “lawfare.” There are countless examples we can draw upon to prove this assertion.

Rachel Emmanuel of The Western Journal points out, “From parents at school boards to colluding with social media giants, the Biden DOJ has used and abused the system for their own political benefit at the expense of thousands of Americans exercising their First Amendment right to dissent with the administration.”

The good news, as per an op-ed that was published in Politico by Kimberly Wehle, a professor with the Baltimore School of Law, we might finally be seeing some of the abuses being carried out by the DOJ brought to public light.

We don’t know the true depth of these abuses, but it’s obvious they are happening, as agencies headed up by radical progressives have become increasingly bold in their violation of rights against those who dare speak out in opposition to policies implemented by the Biden regime.

“The case, Joseph W. Fischer v. United States, involves a Jan. 6 defendant named Joseph Fisher, who was one of over 300 people charged with felony obstruction under section 1512(c)(2) of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act for his alleged actions of interfering with Congress’s electoral vote counting process that day,” the WJ report read. “According to Newsweek, Fischer is a former Pennsylvania police officer who, according to the government, had a physical encounter with another police officer during the incursion.”

Wehle went on to point out in her column that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act makes obstruction of “any official proceeding” a felony that carries a potential sentence of up to 20 years behind bars.

“However, Fischer’s attorneys argue that the law was only meant to cover obstruction in the financial context, not events like Jan. 6, 2021,” the WJ said.

Information provided by Wehle divulges that this law was passed right after the accounting scandals involving Enron took place. The legislation was created in order to help crack down on document shredding and various other fraudulent activities being employed to cover up financial misconduct.

“But the government has applied this act too broadly against Fischer and other Jan. 6 defendants for temporarily shutting down legislative sessions. Fischer’s attorneys argue that it represents a distortion of the statute’s purpose,” the piece continued.

Wehle’s article refers to the Fischer v. United States case as a “’sleeping giant’ because while it has not received as much public attention as Trump’s claim of presidential immunity, it potentially carries even greater implications for the prosecution of Trump and other Jan. 6 defendants.”

The Western Journal stated, “Some judges have started questioning the prosecution’s interpretation of the law now that the Supreme Court has decided to take up the case, and at least two trial judges delayed sentencing on Jan. 6 cases after the Supreme Court agreed to take this case.”

The article reveals that a decision concerning the Fischer case could potentially arrive by June of this year.

Wehle also says that due to SCOTUS being highly interested in the Fischer case, Special Counsel Jack Smith may find himself having to do some rather impressive legal gymnastics. We all know these folks are willing to do whatever it takes to try and take down Trump ahead of the general election, so be prepared to see some serious stretches being made, legally speaking, by the enemies of Trump and his supporters. And make no mistake, that’s what they are. Enemies. Trump and those who back him did not make them such, however. That’s what leftists have made themselves, by their own admission.

“Smith could decide to move forward with the trial on all four charges against Trump starting March 4, even before the Supreme Court rules on the Fischer case. This risks two of those charges later being overturned if the Supreme Court sides with Fischer in his case,” the article explained. “In that case, Smith would have to retry the case against Trump, which would be chaos given all the politics surrounding prosecuting a former president twice.”

Another possible avenue Smith could take would involve going to trial on only two counts, tossing out the charges of obstruction until a ruling is made on the Fischer case. But taking this path will be risky for the special counsel, as it lowers his chances of getting a conviction and the rest of the charges against Trump will require him to prove there was a conspiracy.

“Trump did not seem to be leaving anything to chance, going forward with his presidential immunity appeal in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, where oral arguments began on Jan. 9, according to Axios. Trump confirmed via Truth Social last week that he would attend the hearing in person, writing, ‘I will be attending the … Federal Appeals Court Arguments on Presidential Immunity in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday,'” the WJ noted.

I have a pretty good feeling Trump will emerge victorious through all of the adversity, and as a result, when we look back at this time in history, he will be hailed as a hero for fighting corruption tooth-and-nail, like no other leader in our country ever has.

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