Megyn Kelly Goes Off On NFL’s Obsession With Taylor Swift: ‘She’s Not Jesus!’

(Congressional Agenda) – Podcast host and former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly summarized what millions of Americans have been thinking for months now when it comes to pop singer Taylor Swift, which is that they are all very much sick and tired of seeing her promoted by the National Football League. I don’t hate Swift like many do — which is likely because it’s cool and hip to do so — but I get annoyed at her constantly being shown throughout the game. Is the NFL really that desperate for a spokesperson, an individual to be the face of the company, that they would try to make one out of a singer?

“It was bad enough when cameras panned to the luxury VIP box every time Swift’s boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, touched the ball to capture her reaction, but in the Super Bowl viewers were treated to her anticipation and reaction to plays over and over — interestingly, the cameras were not so quick to pan to Swift when her boyfriend violently assaulted head coach Andy Reid on the sideline,” BizPac Review noted.

“The infatuation with the singer who supported Joe Biden in 2020 was so over-the-top some fans talked about boycotting the big game. Enough is enough. As the former Fox News host said, ‘She’s not Jesus!'” the report continued.

“I’m just sick of the over-celebration of Taylor being a normal person moment,” Kelly went on to say during her podcast. “Like I don’t give a sh*t what she’s doing in the box.”


While the singer’s net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $1.1 billion — and that’s a low estimate — it doesn’t warrant the constant attention she’s been given. And I don’t feel that Swift herself has been asking for this level of attention either.

“I don’t wanna see her after every single play,” she added. “You don’t show the other players, wives or girlfriends after every play they make and they’ve been around with the Chiefs a lot longer than Taylor has. I’m sick of it.”

“Kelly pointed to a conversation between Swift and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is eagerly exploiting her relationship with Kelce to draw additional interest in his product, essentially leveraging short-term gain at the expense of the good of the game. Then again, this is the man who caved entirely to the Marxist-influenced Black Lives Matter movement,” the piece revealed.

“I don’t care that he’s excited she’s bringing new eyeballs. I’ve had it up to here. She’s a good songwriter and a good singer,” Kelly stated during her program. “She’s not Jesus. This is how they treat her and I don’t, maybe it’s just me, I’ve had it.”

The NFL even went on to provide Swift with a ringing endorsement of her chugging beers while on national television. So much for being a role model, right? Is this the kind of person we want our children emulating?

A lot of folks on social media agreed with Kelly’s take:

Thank goodness the season is over, so we’ll at least get a break until fall. Then the madness will begin all over again. It’s a vicious cycle.

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