Joe Rogan Exposes Dems’ ‘Crazy’ Policies Allowing Squatters To ‘Steal People’s Houses’

(Congressional Agenda) – The world’s most popular podcast host, Joe Rogan, went full scorched earth on progressive policies in major cities, declaring they’re “basically allowing people to steal other people’s houses.” Welcome to the world that liberals want to build. This is the insanity they are trying to spread all across our country. Progressivism is a plague, one that infects the mind and soul, leaving both hollow, empty, and totally corrupt to the point that all basic and fundamental characteristics of being a good person have been destroyed.

When someone who is a mixed martial arts commentator, stand-up comedian, and podcast host is speaking way more sense than those currently in positions of power and influence within government, you know things are going down the drain fast.

Fellow comics Dave Attell and Ian Fidance made an appearance on a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ to chat about the issue America has with squatters.

“Shifting from the border crisis and busing plans that have left so-called sanctuary cities begging for aid to accommodate a fraction of the number of illegal aliens states like Texas contend with, Attell brought up a viral video that further supported the position that the United States is under invasion,” BizPac Review said.

“He’s telling people how to get over the border and squat in houses,” the guest stated as Fidance mentioned a recent example that happened in Queens, New York.

As the chat continued, Rogan got very heated and ripped into the absolute absurd nature of allowing people to just write up a fake lease, which then forces the actual owner of the home to take the situation to court “and it could be months and months before you even get to trial,” the host asserted.

“It’s so crazy that in the name of protecting tenants, which is important — you don’t want a sh**** landlord, you wanna protect tenants — but in the name of protecting tenants, you are, you’re basically allowing people to steal people’s houses,” he continued.

“The pervasiveness of the problem brought a neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington together in support of landlord Jaskaran Singh who had been barred from his $2 million home after squatter Sang Kim had refused to pay rent for two years, reported Newsweek,” BPR disclosed. “A Temporary Protection Order filed by the squatter prohibited the homeowner from coming within 1,000 feet of his own property while, like nongovernmental organizations aiding foreign nationals into the United States, the leftist activist group The Housing Justice Project has aided Kim with legal assistance hamstringing Singh who told KOMO he ‘suffered an $80,000 loss. This should stop. This is a fight against injustice.'”

Those who supported the actual homeowner could be heard in the background chanting, “No pay, no stay” as they waved signs promoting the protection of landlord rights.

“As had been mentioned, Queens homeowner Adele Andaloro was recently arrested when she confronted squatters in her $1 million family home after they called the police on HER for being in the residence,” the report revealed.

“I’m really fearful that these people are going to get away with stealing my home,” Andaloro remarked in an interview with WABC after being informed she did not have legal authority to change the locks or shut off utilities.

The group of comics mentioned during their conversation that over 1,200 homes in the Atlanta, Georgia area had reportedly been taken over by squatters, prompting one resident to ask, “Is this even America anymore? We are homeowners and we can’t even do anything about trespassers?”

It certainly doesn’t feel like it, does it? Private property rights are a critical component of the American way of life, of any free society. The eighth commandment, handed down by the Creator of the universe, which says, “Thou shalt not steal,” is the very foundation for property rights, thus, owning property is a right handed down directly from God. And here, the United States government is absolutely undermining that right.

Fidance then noted that even just 10 people participating in this new trend is alarming.

“A thousand is crazy,” Rogan replied, going on to say, “That means they know how to do it and they know the loophole and you need to tighten that loophole up, you f***heads.”

“As the host used his massive platform to weigh in on the problem, Ian Miles Cheong emphasized the import of free speech to tamp down on leftist lunacy as he said, ‘People have been squatting in people’s homes and stealing them for years thanks to increasingly insane progressive policies but if it wasn’t for X we wouldn’t even be talking about it now,’ while others wholly criticized so-called ‘squatter’s rights,'” BPR’s article divulged.

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