Get Ready To Rumble: Biden’s SEC Targets Popular Free-Speech Video Platform

(Congressional Agenda) – The radical left is determined to prevent the truth about its worldview, ideology, and agenda from coming out and educating the masses. Any platform that allows individuals to freely speak their mind, share their opinions, and present facts that fly in the face of the official narratives being pushed is deemed an enemy to be targeted and destroyed. This includes YouTube alternative Rumble, a video sharing platform that supports free speech.

Jason Cohen, writing for the Daily Caller, says, “President Joe Biden’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating video platform Rumble for undisclosed reasons, the agency confirmed to Wired on Monday.”

“The SEC’s acknowledgment of the investigation to Wired comes after an April report by investment research firm Culper Research alleging that Rumble boosts measurements of its monthly active users (MAU) by 66% to 108%, which the company vehemently denies. Culper Research disclosed its ‘short’ position on Rumble at the time of the report’s release, indicating potential profit if Rumble’s stock falls,” Cohen continues.

“Rumble now claims (as of Q4 2022) to have 80 million MAUs, yet SimilarWeb estimates that in Q4, saw a unique web-based audience of just 28.9 million, SEMrush estimates 38.8 million unique web visitors, and we estimate Rumble’s cumulative mobile app downloads totaled just 9.5 million through Q4 2022,” the report goes on to divulge.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski asserts the report is not accurate and is just a weapon being used to try and take out the video sharing platform.

“The report is bogus, but that doesn’t matter—it’s all to get investors to sell the stock so the short seller profits,” Pavlovski commented. “Good news, it won’t work. We saw the attacks coming, and we prepared for them. Prior to going public, we chose to use Google Analytics to track and report our MAUs, so we could be ready for this very moment.”

“This is just the start, they’re coming for us in 2024,” Pavlovksi said, going on to add, “They can’t stand Rumble’s mission, but they are going to learn quickly how hard we punch back.”

A spokesman for the SEC then remarked that it’s agency policy to not provide comments concerning ongoing investigations when a request for a statement was made by the Daily Caller.

The assistant general counsel for litigation and administrative practice, Melinda Hardy, spoke with Wired and stated in a letter sent on Monday that the investigation is active.

“We have confirmed with Division of Enforcement staff that the investigation from which you seek records is still active and ongoing,” Hardy declared to Wired. The solicited documents “could be reasonably expected to cause harm to the ongoing and active enforcement proceedings because, among other things, individuals and entities of interest in the underlying investigation could fabricate evidence, influence witness testimony and/or destroy or alter certain documents.”

The SEC informed the publication that an investigation does not mean Rumble is in violation of any laws.

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  1. If the past few years with MAGA world unchained are any indication, the SEC is investigating ‘alternate facts’ and truths that are probably lies. Following their master Trump, many people and organizations prevaricate or lie constantly, calling it truth. In fact, on air info distributors cannot claim first amendment free speech freedom because they are not telling the truth, outright lying or distorting reality. In many cases that causes, people to lose their minds and attack others, smear people online in social media or commit other illegal acts. There is no free speech that permits those transgressions. So we have investigations to stop the fire hose of lies being foisted on the public that lacks critical thinking, or alternative news sources, or simply believes everything said by Trump and Rumble when they shouldn’t. Actually this reaction to investigate should have started years ago when the ex president first appeared in public as a candidate. But better late than never.

  2. Free speech includes the right to be correct or incorrect either on purpose or by mistake. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. In totalitarian states only those in power have the right to lie or be wrong. In a free country, everyone has those rights.


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