‘Crazy’: Biden Roasted For Claiming To Have Met French Leader Who Died In 1996

(Congressional Agenda) – President Joe Biden put on a campaign event in the state of Nevada last weekend where he was supposed to provide voters with a slew of reasons why they should cast their ballots for him this November. However, he failed miserably in his mission and actually sabotaged himself instead, giving everyone in attendance more encouragement to vote against him. Biden is a mess, a total disaster, and as such, should retire from the public sphere. He’s in his eighties now. Time to call it a day.

So what, exactly, did Biden do to make a fool of himself? During his speech he rambled along, sharing a story about meeting with various world leaders just after taking office, which happened to include one who has been dead and buried for almost thirty years. Boy, if that isn’t proof this man is suffering from cognitive decline, I don’t know what more the country needs to see.

Oh, and that’s not all. He got the guy’s country wrong too.

“The White House transcript said Biden was at the Pearson Community Center in Las Vegas ahead of the Silver State’s primary on Tuesday, where he’s facing a token challenge from spiritual guru Marianne Williamson,” The Western Journal reported.

“In a speech replete with bashing of former President Donald Trump, Biden obviously aimed to show off his relationship with foreign leaders by dropping in an anecdote about a meeting just after he took office,” the article revealed. “He apparently was referring to the Group of 7 summit in Cornwall, England, in June 2021.”

“You know, right — right after I was elected, I went to what they call a G7 meeting, all the NATO leaders,” Biden went on to say, as per the White House official transcript. “And it was in — it was in the south of England. And I sat down and I said, ‘America is back.’”

“And Mitterrand, from Germany — I mean, from France, looked at me and said — said, ‘You know, what — why — how long you back for?'” he continued.

Well, he at least managed to correct the nationality of Mitterrand. However, there has not been a man in the French presidency by that name since 1995. Francois Mitterrand passed away back in 1996.

“The leader Biden was referring to — at least according to a correction in the White House transcript — was French President Emmanuel Macron, a man who has been in office since 2017,” the WJ reported.

Biden has earned a reputation for not having his mental faculties firing on all cylinders. He’s often repeated and even embellished the story of a house fire he experienced while serving as a senator. Don’t forget about the time Biden looked into a crowd of lawmakers, trying to find a congresswoman who had been dead for months. And of course, the countless instances of going completely blank during interviews. Clearly, he’s got serious issues.

I bet you’re all dying to know what people on social media thought of this recent debacle.

Former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell remarked:

“A political party that cared about its country would have shuffled Biden off the stage long ago — for his own good as much as for his fellow Americans,” the article continued. “Instead, Democrats are propping up this 81-year-old husk of a politician because he’s the figurehead their fractured elements can agree on now without cannibalizing each other in a public presidential nomination fight. (Not even Democrats can think Vice President Kamala Harris is a suitable replacement.)”

As was stated before, it’s going to take a lot of work to get people to believe that Joe Biden is able to discharge the duties of the presidency. At this point, it might be too late. One can only hope.

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  1. This guy, Biden, is about as brain dead as one can get. His handlers should never allow him to go off on his own. Freewheeling is not one of Biden’s strong suites. We, as a country must purge him, and the rest of those left wing democrats from our government, while we still have a chance. They are destroying this country of ours, and we don’t have a lot of time left to save our country from them. The future of our constitutional republic hangs in the balance.

  2. “ A political party that cared about its country would have shuffled Biden off the stage long ago”

    Well, there’s your problem. The left hates Trump far more than they love their country. The ratio between those two emotional states approaches infinity. They will burn the country in order to save it.


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