BREAKING: Huge Shift In Trump Poll Numbers

(Congressional Agenda) – Former President Donald Trump continues to proverbially beat down all competition leading up to the 2024 presidential race, proving that Americans are very much ready for another four years of MAGA. President Joe Biden has done such a horrendous job as commander-in-chief that most voters are chomping at the bit to boot him out of office. When you have to sell a kidney on the black market to afford basic necessities due to the horrific rate of inflation caused by Biden’s policies, the desire to put someone else in the Oval Office is completely and totally understandable.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Already buoyed by polls showing that a majority of voters are willing to overlook his legal troubles, Trump is steadily gaining on President Joe Biden in head-to-head matchups. And now there’s a sign that voters are ready to forget traits they weren’t keen on while Trump was president. In a word, they have a growing ‘respect’ for the 45th president of the United States as a leader.”

The latest results from a Rasmussen Reports poll has revealed that likely voters respect Trump twice as much as they do President Biden, 42 percent to 21 percent. Guys, that is a significant difference. People know that, despite the mean tweets of former President Trump, he’s a man who knows what he’s doing. He understands the plight of the American voters and is working on solutions to those problems. Biden isn’t doing that. In fact, he’s the one causing the problems in the first place.

“What’s more, voters respect Trump more than former President Barack Obama and the leading Republican and Democratic presidential challengers Trump and Biden have faced. The question Rasmussen asked was: ‘Which one of the following people do you respect most as a leader: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney?'” the report noted.

Here are the full results:

— Trump 42%
— Biden 21%
— Obama 17%
— Not sure 6%
— Nikki Haley 5%
— Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 5%
— Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) 3%
— Hillary Rodham Clinton 2%

75 percent of Republicans who were surveyed for the poll stated they respect Trump most as a leader. However, among Democrats, only 43 percent said they respected Biden. That number is still way, way too high. He really deserves a big, fat zero.

Hilariously, only one percent of Democrats chose Hillary Clinton as the leader they held the most respect for, while Obama was behind Biden at 30 percent. Now that is telling, don’t you think? Imagine how much higher that number will climb if it’s Michelle Obama and she’s running against Trump? Just something to think about.

“Older voters show a stronger preference for Trump, compared to younger voters,” the survey’s analysis divulged. “However, voters under 40 are more likely to name Obama (24%) than Biden (16%) as the leader they respect the most. And it’s among under-40 voters that Sanders gets the highest level of respect.”

If the Democrats decide to run Biden all the way to the end, I think we’ll see, without question, another Trump presidency.

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  1. I think the Lawfare being used against Trump is beginning to backfire onto the Democrats and not only will a lot of non-aligned voters more towards Trump, but, I suspect, a fair number of “fringe” Democrats too.

  2. Many people have fallen for the CHARISMA of Trump!! They overlook his BAD ACTIONS [e.g. 1)calling people names {like kids in elementary school & Dictators preparing others for persecution} 2)breaking his Oath of Office to defend the USA Constitution against all enemies foreign & domestic 3) accepting Putin’s word in Copenhagen over USA intelligence 4) encouraging Putin to attack NATO allies 5) saying he would be
    DICTATOR if elected in 2024] because of what he has done that was good [e.g. nominating Pro-life judges to SCOTUS].

    • do you really want to discuss name calling? he didn’t jail any American without a trial/how do you trust a party that uses fbi like kgb with shows of force against people because they support trump/spied on trumps campaign & tried to destroy his presidency even employing the 5 eyes intel uk canada australia nz does this not sound a bit like dictatorship maybe/or 51 intel telling us hunters’ laptop was you got it the good old standby “russian disinformation” instead of destroying our judicial system to destroy the competition you & fellow dems should take a good long look at the un-American unlawful behavior of your party & work to bring it back to a party worthy of representing our country start by allowing us to see all of jan 6 info oh wait nancy destroyed files of that hollywood produced show trial straight out of kims playbook this is a scary time & i pray people will at least try to put their country before party for our children

  3. Not sure what polls this is looking at, but I call BS. Trump is a danger to our country and the citizens of this country. People need to go review history to see where he would like to take this country

    • It is Biden that is a threat to our country. No wars with Trump and nw Ukraine and Israel with Iran supporting their puppets in creating violence. An open border with illegals all over our big cities. Inflation puts prices far higher than when he was elected. Crime and homelessness is everywhere. Transwomen (men) are disrupting sports and women/girls are being hurt physically and men in women’s restrooms and showers is just unacceptable to most. And I could go on, but you get the jist.Biden and Democrats are destroying our country.

    • The greatest danger this country faces today is those handlers of Biden, and sadly he has no clue what they’re doing so he just says and does what they tell him. They are driving this nation closer and closer to the elimination of our constitution and them installing their version of a socialist government. That could well bring on that second revolution that has been talked about for the last several years.

  4. he’s already been president & i only remember him being a cheerleader for our country maybe you should study a little history & see what happens when govt allows its’ cities to descend into filth & chaos & takes free speech from citizens jails opposition sound familiar maybe (trump didn’t do those things but somebody else did)

  5. So what bad things has Trump done for this country? Please, this country has gone down hill since the Dems took over. They continue to try and knock down our constitutional rights. This country is doomed under a democratic administration. The cons against Trump are more of a personal matter. I look at what he accomplished as president, not his personality. Biden is destroying this country and our freedoms. Enough said.


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