Border Patrol Chief Drops Bombshell Revelation About Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

(Congressional Agenda) – The Biden administration has done absolutely nothing to stop the massive influx of illegal aliens entering our country along the southern border we share with Mexico, despite the spike in crime and strain on economic resources this whole mess has caused. So lacking has been the response from the president that it almost seems as if he’s ignoring the situation on purpose. Personally, I believe that’s exactly what Biden is doing. Each additional illegal in the country, is another potential Democratic voter the left can draw upon come election time in November.

A good example of just how little the administration cares about this crisis comes from an interview conducted by ’60 Minutes’ featuring former Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, who told correspondent Cecilia Vega during their conversation that before he retired from his position in the spring of 2023, he hadn’t had a single conversation with President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. Not. A. Single. One.

“I’ve never had one conversation with the president or the vice president, for that matter,” Ortiz recounted according to The Western Journal.

“And so, I was the chief of the Border Patrol. I commanded 21,000 people,” he continued. “That’s a problem.”

Just a few moments later, Vega queried Ortiz more about his criticism of Biden.

“Do you believe that the White House has sent mixed messages to migrants?” she asked Ortiz.

“Yeah, most definitely,” he responded.

The interview with Ortiz was a small part of a much bigger segment discussing the border crisis unfolding in Texas. The Lone Star State has been hit extremely hard by wave upon wave of illegal aliens. There’s been no help from the federal government in stemming the tide. So Texas has taken matters into their own hands by placing buoys and razor wire to deter folks from crossing. The Biden administration was none too happy about that and has been in a major conflict with them ever since.

So they only intervened in the situation to get Texas to stop trying to protect itself from invasion? They want these people to cross the border. Otherwise, they would have done their actual jobs and secured the border. The government got involved not to stop the illegals, but to stop the guys trying to stop the illegals!

I think that speaks volumes about the administration’s true intent.

“Aside from allowing the former Border Patrol chief to tell the truth about Biden and Harris, Vega largely parroted establishment talking points. For instance, in recent months Texas has clashed with the federal government over the latter’s failure to secure the border. Here, Vega tried to depict Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas as a modern-day Jefferson Davis,” the report said.

“Governor Abbott argued the federal government had failed to fulfill its obligation to the states. And in that, some heard echoes of Texas’ history of rebellion and threats of secession,” she went on to say during a voice-over.

However, later on in the segment, Vega made it clear where she stands on the issue by taking one of the worst bills to ever reach the Senate floor seriously. Yes, most definitely a member of the establishment, no doubt about it.

“President Biden says that if Republicans were serious about securing the border, they would not have rejected a bipartisan immigration deal in the Senate last month after former President Trump opposed it,” her voice-over continued.

There honestly wasn’t all that much in the bill concerning funds for immigration, despite it being referred to as immigration legislation. No, it focused on sending even more American tax dollars overseas to Ukraine and other skirmishes taking place around the world. If passed, it would have allowed 5,000 illegal aliens to cross the border on a daily basis before any of the security provisions took effect.

On Feb. 7th, the bill failed in a 50-49 vote.

It’s sort of shocking that ’60 Minutes’ aired the interview with Ortiz, who clearly exposed the depth of gross negligence by this administration concerning the border crisis. There’s little doubt the purpose of the segment was to help drum up support for Biden, but this particular piece may have provided additional help for Trump instead.

Let’s hope.

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