Watch What Camera Caught Bernie Sanders Doing On An Airplane

(Congressional Agenda) – One of the things that the radical left often gets slammed for is their hypocrisy. These folks just love to lecture all of us about how we need to pay our fair share, especially the top one percent. You know, the “rich people.”

They act as if there is no greater evil in the world than the rich. Hilariously, most of the “elites” are themselves very wealthy. For some reason the rules they have for everyone else who is not part of the progressive club are different from those they abide by.

A good case in point is socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, who decided that he was far too good to fly coach with all of the other plebs who are beneath him.

According to The Western Journal, the Vermont politician flew out to Pennsylvania in order to stump for fellow hard-left progressive state Rep. Summer Lee, who is a big, big supporter of various socialist schemes. Sanders’ seat was, of course, in first class.

Sanders is the same man who slams and shreds the rich for this very same kind of behavior, particularly if that rich individual happens to be a Republican. And yet, no one on the left calls out the hypocrisy. Wonder why?

“Photos obtained by Fox News showed Sanders taking a first-class seat on an American Airlines flight to Pittsburgh to speak on behalf of Lee, a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, at a rally Thursday,” the report said.

“Sanders, masked up, appears to be sitting near the front of the plane in the photos obtained by a fellow first-class passenger,” the outlet stated in its report on Friday.

Sanders issued an official endorsement of Lee last week. During his time chatting with the media in Pittsburgh, he deployed heavy usage of the class warfare card.

“We have a working class, a middle class, in this country who are struggling and it’s absolutely imperative we get [people] into congress who are prepared to stand up and take on powerful special interest and fight for working families,” Sanders went on to say in a chat with WTAE-TV.

“Summer is one of those people who will do that,” he said.

“I’ve known Summer for a number of years and Summer believes as I do, that it is totally absurd that you have billionaires in this country, some of the very richest people paying nothing, not a penny in federal income tax,” Sanders went on to add. “[All] because you have a rigged tax system that favors the wealthy and large corporations.”

Lee has also made it a point to discuss the redistribution of wealth, especially in a tweet that was posted just after the 2020 presidential election.

“Instead of ‘thanking’ Black women, Black voters, and especially, Black organizers … give us the investments we need and deserve, redistribute wealth, ends police violence, abolish the carceral state, commit to building Black directed political power… and reparations,” she stated in her post.

“Lee has been likened to ‘Squad’ leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., for both their similar progressive platforms and ascensions into public office by defeating long-established members of their respective governing bodies in 2018,” Fox News pointed out. She also supports “Medicare-for-All” and other “justice” related policies, according to her campaign website.

Sanders’ office did not return a request made by Fox News for a comment.

You know, it’s totally possible that Sanders didn’t actually pay to fly first-class. It’s not clear who purchased the ticket, however, he’s likely a frequent flyer and could likely be a candidate for an upgrade to first class.

“Those last five words are important, however. Keep in mind that former President Barack Obama — certainly to the right of Bernie Sanders, but to the left of almost every other member of the Senate Democratic caucus when he was elected to that body in 2004 — made quite the to-do of remaining in coach before he became president,” the Western Journal reported.

“Therein lies the problem with Sanders, a man who heaps torrents of invective upon the 1 percent and gets nastily defensive when reminded he’s one of them,” the report added.

“In the wake of his 2016 presidential run, the most lucrative thing he’s ever done, the 77-year-old self-described democratic socialist is a three-home-owning millionaire with a net worth approaching at least $2 million, taking into account his publicly outlined assets and liabilities along with the real estate he owns outright,” Politico stated in a report from 2019. “In a strict, bottom-line sense, Sanders has become one of those rich people against whom he has so unrelentingly railed.”

Politico then stated that Sanders has “been impatient to the point of churlish when pressed about this.”

“I wrote a best-selling book,” he said in a comment to The New York Times. “If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”

Sanders has become the very thing he claims to be fighting against. And he knows that. What’s amazing is that the millions of supporters he seems to have don’t seem to see it. It’s remarkable really. These individuals have to be willfully blind. There’s simply no other explanation for the kind of devotion he has from supposed “normal” Americans.

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