WATCH: GOP Candidate Releases Epic First Ad… Destroys Biden

(Congressional Agenda) – Matt Mowers, New Hampshire’s First Congressional District GOP candidate, has released his very first ad of the campaign season on Tuesday, and boy is it a doozy.

According to a report from Breitbart News, the ad drops the proverbial hammer on both Joe Biden and Rep. Chris Pappas, a Democrat from New Hampshire, over their failures concerning the mess happening at the southern border.

For those who might potentially be living under a rock, we’ve been seeing massive numbers of illegals crossing over the southern border ever since Biden took over in the White House. What’s really aggravating is that his administration is doing absolutely nothing to resolve the issue.

Now, there could be a motive for the inaction. It could be that Biden is purposefully allowing these illegal immigrants to cross over the border so that the Democratic Party can turn them into loyal voters by giving them all kinds of free goodies and allowing them to go anywhere in the country they want to go.

Anyway, Mowers’ ad, Protect New Hampshire, keeps its focus on the hardships and issues that the border crisis has caused the communities in the state.

“The campaign is a 30-second spot that will air on cable and broadcast starting Tuesday morning and is backed by $300,000 to play through the crowded primary election. The Mowers campaign touted that he is the first candidate to go on air in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District and the first Republican candidate to go on air this election cycle in the state,” the report said.

In the ad, Mowers goes on to say, “Criminals are illegally crossing the border at record rates, because the wall isn’t finished, and the border patrol is underfunded. Then they go to sanctuary cities like Lawrence and drive up 93 to sell drugs to our kids.”

He adds, “Joe Biden and Chris Pappas want to give billions to illegals, while gas prices and inflation cripple New Hampshire families. It has to stop. I’m running for Congress to secure the border, stop Biden and protect New Hampshire.”

The GOP candidate has previously done some work for the State Department under President Donald Trump before he made the decision to run as a member of the GOP against Rep. Chris Pappas in 2020. One of the big issues he passionately worked on was interdicting drug traffickers from around the globe.

Mowers went on to tell the folks at Breitbart, “Joe Biden and Chris Pappas have failed Granite Staters at every turn.”

“Instead of securing the border, tackling inflation, and cracking down on the drug epidemic, Chris Pappas voted to give billions to illegal immigrants and supports the very sanctuary cities that provide safe havens for these criminals,” Mowers continued. “In Congress, I’ll secure the border, stop Biden and protect New Hampshire.”

“This past weekend, Mowers was on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday, weighing in on Massachusetts, his neighboring state, allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses with very little verifiable identification following the Democrats in the state legislature overriding the veto from Gov. Charlie Baker (R) on legislation that will allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses starting July 1, 2023, after passing a written test and a road test,” the report stated.

Mowers said that the idea of illegals being able to obtain driver’s licenses was crazy due to the fact they will be able to get out “with very little verifiable identification information” since the “folks in the motor vehicles department are not equipped to judge if they’re real documents or not” when these individuals present “documents from their home country where they are citizens.”

“The bill in Massachusetts received pushback from Republicans, who noted that providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens could result in many being mistakenly registered to vote in the state,” Breitbart said.

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