SPECIAL REPORT: The REAL Reason Dems Want Open Borders

(Congressional Agenda) – One Texas Republican is finally offering an explanation for the real reason that Democrats are taking action to open America’s southern border and ensure it stays open for illegals and other individuals too.

Which includes terrorists. That should scare every American citizen into taking action against this administration and demanding they seal off the border and send illegals back to their home countries.

According to a report from WND, the reason the left is currently okay with accepting the risk of a terrorist coming into the United States is because they want to achieve their ultimate goal, which is a permanent Democrat majority among voters in the United States.

“The comments come from Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, in an interview with Just the News,” the report said. “He said the believes the Democrats’ electoral strategy is willing to take on the risk of terrorism, in order to have more and more migrants come into the U.S.”

“Their whole strategy is to keep the border open and bring as many millions and millions of illegal aliens across, put them on a path to enfranchise them with a vote. And then they will have a perpetual majority,” he explained. “This is what is happening. I think the American people are waking up and seeing that it’s true.”

This comment comes after almost a quarter of a million illegals have crossed into the U.S. monthly.

I’ve been saying this same thing for ages. Liberals, of course, will never admit it, but they don’t have to. The proof is in the pudding. We can see with our own eyes that illegals are flooding into the country and the current administration is doing nothing to stop it.

It doesn’t take a genius to see why they are taking that particular course of action.

“Lawmakers in Congress are sounding alarm after 15 illegal migrants with suspected terrorists ties were caught crossing the border in a single month, raising worries that some might eventually reach the stage of launching an attack,” the report went on to say.

“Our national security is greatly compromised, with an open border and simply the unwillingness of the Biden administration to do anything about it, other than just continue to incentivize more and more of it,” Babin stated.

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs also shares Babin’s concern over illegals who might actually be terrorists.

“You have probably 80,000 to 100,000 people coming into the country that we don’t interact with, we don’t we see them, we don’t stop them,” Biggs went on to say during his interview with Just the News. “And others we[‘ve] never even seen, most of those people are the bad guys and bad ladies. They’re coming in camo they’ve got carpet shoes, they’ve got backpacks on. It is a huge security threat.”

Border Patrol Officers ended up capturing 15 people in May along the southern border who were all on FBI terrorist watchlists. That, my friends, is a massive cause for concern. Who knows how many terrorists are getting through into the country, building sleeper cells right under our noses, by taking advantage of the current immigration crisis.

“Among the situations was one in which an Iraqi man was caught attempting to carry out an assassination attempt on former President George W. Bush,” WND reported.

New York Republican Rep. John Katko stated, “we cannot be certain exactly how many watch-listed individuals have entered the United States amidst the chaos at our southwest border.”

Illinois Republican Rep. Mary Miller called the crisis an “invasion” and stated that it was being facilitated by Biden.

All of them are right.

This is scary, folks. We could have terrorists entering the United States in droves and not even know it.

Build. The. Wall.

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