Silicon Valley Titans Rally Behind Trump: Meet The Tech Moguls Joining His Cause

(Congressional Agenda) – Radical left-wing Democrats are doing everything possible to destroy every facet of former President Donald Trump’s life, whether it be tarnishing his reputation through a mountain of criminal charges — which are bogus — or obliterating the companies and businesses he has poured his whole life into building. The main goal of this is to convince Americans not to vote for him in November and prevent Trump from winning a second term in the White House.

Now, as per the Daily Caller, there are quite a number of big names involved in both the cryptocurrency and venture capital worlds, some of whom used to donate significant amounts of money to Democrats, who are financially backing Trump instead. That has to sting Democrats, especially in the bank account. This clearly demonstrates there is some sort of shift happening culturally speaking, with the pendulum of society swinging back from radical leftism to more of a centrist worldview.

“Venture capitalists David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya organized a high-dollar fundraiser for the former president Thursday night in San Francisco, raising $12 million for the Trump 47 Joint Fundraising Committee at a sold-out fundraiser where tickets cost up to $500,000 per couple. Coinbase Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal, prolific tech investor Shervin Pishevar as well as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, famous for their dispute with Mark Zuckerberg over the founding of Facebook, all attended the event, a source familiar with the fundraiser told the Daily Caller News Foundation,” the report went on to explain.

“In 2016, the number of people from Silicon Valley I knew who supported Trump was a sample of one, which was Peter [Thiel],” Jacob Helberg, a senior adviser to Palantir, said in comments given to Reuters. “Today I count them in the dozens, if not more than that. Over the course of the past six months, we’ve started to see the dam break,” he added.

Helberg sent a hefty $1 million donation to the Trump reelection campaign, despite having supported Democratic Party candidates in times past.

“The social cost of supporting Trump isn’t as great as it was,” Helberg stated, explaining a bit of Silicon Valley society, many members of which see that “Trump was right on a lot of make-or-break issues for America.”

“Palihapitiya, previously an executive at Facebook who now operates as a venture capitalist, was also a major supporter of Democrats, pouring $1.3 million into the party between 2011 and 2021 before fundraising for Trump, according to the San Francisco Chronicle,” the DC disclosed.

In past years, both Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama were big benefactors of Pishevar’s generosity, lending the pair a ton of cash and even opening up his home as a venue for fundraising efforts in order to help get Democrats elected into office.

“I just donated $300k to Trump,” Sequoia Capital partner and former Hillary Clinton donor Shaun Maguire wrote on X in May.

“I know that I’ll lose friends for this. Some will refuse to do business with me. The media will probably demonize me, as they have so many others before me. But despite this, I still believe it’s the right thing to do,” he remarked in the post.

“Maguire cited President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, his insufficient support for Israel and double standards in the media in covering Trump and Biden when explaining his decision to support Trump. Helberg also cited Biden’s approach to Israel in explaining his support for Trump,” the DC continued.

Folks within the cryptocurrency realm have been increasing their efforts to try and influence public policy with various Super PACs, which have raised $102 million this election cycle. One such organization, Fairshake, spent a whopping $10 million to oppose Democratic California Rep. Katie Porter in the state’s Senate primary.

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  1. It’s a shame that they are backing someone who doesn’t pay his bills and is such a terrible human being. When Trump uses our country in his speeches, he means his country. Just look at his former cabinet members stating he should be nowhere near the Oval Office. I’m very disappointed in the tech sector donating to his campaign. I guess they no longer want a republic either.


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