MUST-SEE: GOP Congresswoman Exposes Biden Admin Stockpiling Baby Formula For Illegals

(Congressional Agenda) – The supposed supply chain issues continue to get worse in America but things have become critical for families with small babies who depend on formula.

Across the country, shelves are empty where baby formula should be. This is not something to take lightly. Small babies depend on formula as their main food source. Very small babies can only eat formula.

Understandably, many families are beginning to panic. According to the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, nationally, 43 percent of baby formula is out of stock and this was even higher in more than 30 states. The normal out-of-stock rate is 10%.

As if things aren’t bad enough the Biden regime has been stockpiling baby formula for illegal aliens at the border.

Republican Rep. Kat Cammack of Florida reported that while on a visit to a US border entry point last week, she saw shelves full of baby formula.

On Wednesday, she posted pictures of fully stocked shelves filled with baby formula at a Customs and Border Patrol detention center in McCallen, Texas. In contrast, she shared a picture of empty shelves where baby formula should be at an American grocery store.

On Monday, Cammack spoke to Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo and explained that she’d gone down to the border to prove it.

“Yesterday, I was on the border myself and the facts on the ground are exactly how we have been stating them,” Cammack said on “Mornings with Maria.”

“Last week, I received text messages and photos from Border Patrol agents showing a stockpile of baby formula and there was complete outrage from the White House, CNN and other liberal outlets claiming that we were lying, so I decided to go down myself and film it.

“Lo and behold, not only was there stocked warehouses, but there were multiple stocked warehouses that have been not only filled with baby formula, diapers, wipes and clothing, but they have been doing this for months and there’s more en route,” she said.

It goes without saying that it’s downright wrong that families in the US are struggling to find formula to feed their babies while formula is being stockpiled at the border for illegal immigrants.

Federal law requires agents to provide food and water to illegal immigrants held in detention facilities. It’d be wrong not to, of course. No one is disputing that. However, it should be criminal to stockpile formula for people who have come here illegally when American citizens are struggling to find it.

There has to be a better solution.

The Biden regime announced they were taking steps to alleviate the formula shortage, according to Forbes. Biden spoke with formula manufacturers and retailers on May 12 to discuss ways to make formula more available for US families.

The US Department of Agriculture will also expand the types of formula families utilizing its Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) are able to get.

The White House is also working with international trade partners such as Chile, Ireland, Mexico and the Netherlands to get more formula.

While this is all good and well it doesn’t change the fact that while American families have been struggling to find formula for their infants, the Biden regime has been more concerned with stockpiling formula for illegal immigrants.

The Biden regime doesn’t care at all about Americans. Remember that in November.

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