MAGA! Trump Has Big Second-Term Plans For Military Within The US: ‘Next Time, I’m Not Waiting’

(Congressional Agenda) – While campaigning in one of the most important battleground states in the country, Iowa, former President Donald Trump remarked that when in office, he was prevented from being able to deploy the U.S. military to help quell violence in major Democratic cities and states. This is something he apparently plans to fix if given a second opportunity to serve the nation as commander-in-chief.

According to The Western Journal, Trump referred to both New York City and Chicago as being “crime dens,” going on to tell the audience attending his campaign event, “The next time, I’m not waiting. One of the things I did was let them run it, and we’re going to show how bad a job they do,” he said. “Well, we did that. We don’t have to wait any longer.”

“Trump has not spelled out precisely how he might use the military during a second term, although he and his advisers have suggested they would have wide latitude to call up units. While deploying the military regularly within the country’s borders would be a departure from tradition, the former president already has signaled an aggressive agenda if he wins, from mass deportations to travel bans imposed on certain Muslim-majority countries,” the piece declared.

For those who don’t believe the executive branch of the government possesses that kind of power, there’s a law that was created during the early years of the United States that does give Trump almost unfettered ability as the commander-in-chief to do just that, as per military and legal experts.

“The Insurrection Act allows presidents to call on reserve or active-duty military units to respond to unrest in the states, an authority that is not reviewable by the courts. One of its few guardrails merely requires the president to request that the participants disperse,” The Western Journal noted.

“The principal constraint on the president’s use of the Insurrection Act is basically political, that presidents don’t want to be the guy who sent tanks rolling down Main Street,” Joseph Nunn, a national security expert who works for the Brennan Center for Justice, went on to say. “There’s not much really in the law to stay the president’s hand.”

The act was originally passed into law in 1792, just four short years before our Constitution was ratified. The legislation itself is a combination of various bills that were enacted at that time and up to the 1870s. During this period in our nation’s history, there was not a strong law enforcement apparatus available for the American people to call on in times of trouble.

“It also is one of the most substantial exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Act, which generally prohibits using the military for law enforcement purposes,” the WJ report explains. “Trump has spoken openly about his plans should he win the presidency, including using the military at the border and in cities struggling with violent crime. His plans also have included using the military against foreign drug cartels, a view echoed by other Republican primary candidates such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, the former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor,” the article stated.

Along with discussion about the use of this particular strategy and legal avenue, Trump also stated that he’s considering bringing back retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. In the early days of Trump’s first term in the White House, Flynn served as a national security adviser.

“Attempts to invoke the Insurrection Act and use the military for domestic policing would likely elicit pushback from the Pentagon, where the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is Gen. Charles Q. Brown. He was one of the eight members of the Joint Chiefs who signed a memo to military personnel in the aftermath of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. The memo emphasized the oaths they took and called the events of that day ‘sedition and insurrection,'” the WJ continued.

The former president, along with other Republicans, still maintain a high level of support among individuals serving in the military. A survey conducted by AP VoteCast of 94,000 voters across the United States discovered that 59 percent of military veterans cast a ballot for Trump in 2020. Then, in the midterms held a year ago, 57 percent of those who were considered military veterans voted for GOP candidates.

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  1. Trump has now verified WITH HIS OWN WORDS he will deploy the military against US citizens! This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL abuse of the military against those you disagree with! One MORE reason to NOT support Trump. [1) took Putin’s word in Copenhagen over USA intelligence that Putin interfered in the 2016 election 2) Broke his own oath of office to “defend the CONSTITUTION against all enemies foreign & Domestic” 3)created the ‘atmosphere’ where people felt they would be supported in storming the Capital on J6 4) de-humanized people by calling them “vermin” reading them for future persecution {from the ‘Dictators handbook} 5) proven he LOSES to Biden in 2020 6) the ‘vanishing red wave of 2022’ proves that election deniers, of which Trump is the leader, LOSE!!]

  2. Do you think what biden and his handlers are doing to this country is CONSTITUTIONAL, it is not, American citizens are to be protected under the Constitution. Throwing citizens, especially Veterans, out of nursing homes so that they can be used to house ILLEGALS makes me sick, what is wrong with you!!!

  3. as a retired senior officer in the U.S Military, I look at this intended move as being a move of a would be dictator, befitting a 3rd world country. Trump is an idiot.

    • McDaniel must be something above “Genius”. No professional would diagnosis idiocy without even seeing the patient. Sounds to me like he is just another frustrated Lib who does not want the American people to chose their leaders. Lets see the “Genius” occupying the Whitehouse now given a professional mental exam. It is not our fault that we lose our edge when we age, and at some point we are not even allowed to drive a car, or manage our own finances. All candidates for public office should have to pass some kind of very simple mental proficiency exam. Biden would not be allowed near the cockpit of an airplane, not sure he can even drive a car. It is not a sin to grow old, but its foolish to think we are the one who is still sharp as a tack. Many occupations require us to hang it up while we are still functioning. At least McDanial shares one trait with Trump. Running off at the mouth.


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