Kamala Harris Reportedly Left Shaken By Fox News’ ‘The Five’! Insider Report Reveals Details

(Congressional Agenda) – Vice President Kamala Harris was totally unprepared for what folks within conservative media actually thought about her and once she was exposed to the massively unfavorable opinions it “got in her head and caused high anxiety.” No matter what side of the aisle you are on, politics is not kind to anyone. If you aren’t prepared to be mocked ruthlessly, made fun of constantly, derided and name called, well, a career in public service might not be for you. It goes with the territory.

“That quote comes from an Axios article published Friday, titled ‘Inside Biden’s obsession with ‘Morning Joe.’’ Apparently, the president just can’t get enough of the MSNBC weekday morning show that generally praises his administration and the Democrats so effusively Biden literally couldn’t do a better job if he were doing it himself,” The Western Journal said.

“Biden’s years-long love of MSNBC’s staple morning show affects how the White House runs — and who Biden listens to,” Axios divulged. “The president often calls co-host Joe Scarborough — a former Republican congressman who’s now a harsh critic of Donald Trump — to get Scarborough’s take on issues and sometimes vent about media coverage, according to people familiar with the relationship.”

“During the day, Biden has long asked his staff whether they saw a story, a poll, or a segment that had been on the show. He’s included show regulars in off-the-record conversations with policy experts,” it continued.

Yes, that’s right, guys. The leader of the United States is allowing guests who appear on ‘Morning Joe,’ along with its hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, to help craft and shape the policies that impact the lives of each and every one of us here in America. Keep in mind, the list of guests also include radical anti-Trump personalities like historian Jon Meacham. Is it any wonder our society is in the toilet right now?

What’s more worrisome is that Vice President Harris is a huge fan of the program and even hosted a dinner for the co-hosts, who are married, just a month ago at her residence.

However, she also watches ‘The Five’ on a regular basis. The coverage of the vice president on that show is not nearly as positive as ‘Morning Joe.’ Not even remotely close.

“Aides have noted that Harris also tunes into Fox News, and occasionally watches ‘The Five,’” Axios stated in its report. “Some aides have felt that Fox News’ relentlessly negative coverage — first casting her as Biden’s all-powerful puppeteer, then later portraying her as incompetent — can drive Harris to distraction.”

“It got in her head and caused high anxiety because they were constantly hammering her,” a former aide to Harris revealed.

This is a woman who is next in line for the presidency should something happen to Biden. If the criticisms she receives from conservative media are enough to rattle her so badly she needs therapy and some nerve pills, well, just imagine how quickly she’d crack under the pressure of being president. That’s terrifying.

It is rather amazing that it took watching ‘The Five’ for Harris to know how conservatives feel about her. It’s not like anyone was keeping it a secret. We’ve all been open about how bad she is at her job. Her approval ratings are just as low as the president’s. That should be a pretty massive clue.

Let us pray that Joe Biden hangs on until after we get a Republican elected into office. Kamala Harris in the White House is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. The incompetence that exists within our government is incredible. We have a former president (obama) who took the reigns of this entire biden administration from the start (and everyone is fully aware or they should be after 3 yrs). It is obama who is our illegitimate president, using the fumbling’s of biden who he has never liked – to get his unfinished agenda in place. Afterall, it was obama who stuck around during 2016 in the hopes of securing the position of Secretary General of the UN, but which thankfully did not happen. Now, obama is having his 3rd term, and he is scared silly that he may not get a 4th term. No, this is not a conspiracy theory, and there are many who are high up enough in government to finally begin admitting this. Time for the American public to wake-up and smell the grift that is the biden administration – and start voting as if your life depends on it (which it does).


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