JUST IN: Federal Judge Tosses Attempt To Oust Trump From Swing State Ballot

(Congressional Agenda) – John Anthony Castro must be suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, because he’s been obsessed with trying to take down former President Donald Trump any way possible for quite some time now, despite one failure after another. It makes you wonder why in the world this has become his life’s mission. After all, the country made it through one Trump administration without any loss of liberty. In fact, Trump’s policies improved our economy and shrunk the size of the federal government. We were better off with him in the Oval Office.

But facts have never mattered much to those on the left, so I guess I should not be shocked at their hatred for the former president. He fights for the little people, which is something Democrats have built their platform on for decades, despite never actually doing anything that helps the less fortunate. In fact, the usual results from their policies are the opposite of helping. They make things worse.

Laura Wellington of The Western Journal made a most excellent point concerning Castro, namely, that no one even really knows who he is or cares about him and his political opinions. Yet that has not managed to hinder his delusions as he continues to believe that he has a shot at pulling past Trump to take the victory in the 2024 presidential race. Never mind that Trump has an astoundingly high lead right now in the polls.

“According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump is polling at 59.6 percent, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 12.7 percent,” the report said. “Castro realizes this, too — which is the reason the Texas attorney continues to try to oust Trump from the ballot, filing 27 lawsuits nationwide already.”

And let’s be real. What chances does a man named “Castro” have of ever becoming the president? I’d say slim to none. We haven’t forgotten Fidel and his Communist minions in Cuba.

Castro is hoping that section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which forbids insurrectionists from holding office, will soon be applied to the former president due to the events that transpired on Jan. 6, 2021.

“No state has seen it this way thus far, including most recently in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Florida. Arizona now concurs. Worse yet for Castro, an Obama-appointed federal court judge agrees,” Wellington noted.

Trump himself stated, “Every one of these ‘Castro Cases’ [is] not only a feeble attempt to interfere with the 2024 presidential election, but they are a huge waste of time for our nation’s judiciary.”

“According to the Daily Caller, U.S. District Judge Douglas Rayes ruled that Castro does not have standing to sue, because there is no evidence Castro has supporters in Arizona, or that he is truly running for office,” Wellington reported.

The bottom line here is that there are not many people who agree with Castro or see his side of the argument. And yet, the dude keeps trying and trying. Obviously, he knows there’s no real chance of winning without somehow getting the former president eliminated from the race. Problem is, none of the things he’s brought up to accomplish that goal have any legs to stand on.

Wellington declared that the tossing out of Castro’s case is a huge victory for Trump. It illustrates there is going to be very little tolerance for frivolous lawsuits among federal judges.

“And yet, it is difficult to see this and fathom what is currently happening in Florida. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Florida Democratic Party has opted to forego its presidential primary, opting to submit only one name for the 2024 ballot: President Joe Biden,” the article stated. “It is the other side of a very dirty coin, where political strong-arming has become more a part of our elections than freedom of choice.”

As you might imagine, the growing number of individuals within the Democratic Party who want to see Biden removed from being the nominee are not happy with such a development. Two candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination, Marianne Williamson and political commentator Cenk Uygur, held a press conference last Friday where they shared their objection with the move.

“We’re not trying to create a conflict here,” Uygur remarked in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. “We’re just trying to do the bare minimum of getting on the ballot. And we’ve all earned it, and there’s no need for this conflict.”

We are living in some pretty tumultuous times. The truth is, however, the left has no real solutions to these problems. No amount of cheating and supplanting Joe Biden with another Democrat is going to work. Timeless principles are our only hope.

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