JUST IN: Documents Show Biden Used Private Emails For Government Work – Just Like Hillary!

(Congressional Agenda) – According to Just the News writer John Solomon, while Joe Biden was serving as the vice president for former President Barack Obama, he received what are being called “sensitive communications” through his private email accounts which were created using made-up identities. Some of the data that was transmitted through messages concerned foreign policy conversations with his national security adviser, schedules of meetings with Cabinet secretaries, and a summary of one intelligence briefing held with Obama.

And yet, this man is not facing any sort of charges while former President Donald Trump, who actually didn’t do a darn thing wrong, is facing four indictments Something is not right with this picture, ladies and gentlemen. Clearly, there’s a severe bias within the justice system, one that has led to the creation of what is being called “lawfare.”

“The new memos were released by the National Archives over the Memorial Day holiday weekend under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by the Southeastern Legal Foundation on behalf of Just the News that sought emails that Biden received or transmitted as vice president using his [email protected] account,” Solomon said.

He then added, “While none of the newly released emails had classification markings on them, several included sensitive information transmitted over an insecure Google email account that could be of value to foreign powers and hostile spy agencies. The latest batch involved communications mostly from 2012.”

“For instance, Biden was forwarded an early morning briefing from then-White House counterterrorism director John Brennan to Obama on possible tsunamis hitting Hawaii in October 2012 which gave details on what the president had been told and how an emergency response would be crafted by the U.S. government,” the report stated.

“Call with POTUS took place at 3:10 a.m. EST,” the email from Brennan went on to say. “He was briefed on earthquake, tsunami warnings, evacuation plans, and FEMA/federal response. He directed that all possible be done by the federal government to assist Hawaiian authorities before, during, and after tsunami hits.”

“Same should be true for any potential tsunami impact on Alaska, west coast of continental United States, or U.S. territories in the Pacific. POTUS asked to be kept updated on developments, which Alyssa and I will do,” the email read.

Check out the email here: BrennanTsunamiBriefing.pdf

The rules state that a federal employee is allowed to make use of a private email account as long as they forward government-related messages to their official work account so the conversation can be preserved and made available to the general public or accessed by oversight groups.

The president has not provided any sort of explanation for why he was using his private email account for these kinds of communications or why the messages weren’t forwarded to secure government servers. His administration has also not provided an explanation for why he decided to make up a fictitious name for his private account. Sounds a lot like Biden was trying to be sneaky and underhanded, right? It looks really suspicious for a high-ranking elected official to have a fake name attached to an email account.

“Ironically, Biden was vice-president when President Obama introduced on his first day in office, the Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government, boasting that it would usher in ‘a new era of open and accountable government meant to bridge the gap between the American people and their government,'” Solomon noted.

“The Archives says it has tens of thousands of such emails from three Biden personal pseudonym accounts used during his vice presidency. One sensitive email hinted at frictions between Obama and Biden which emerged on television talk shows over the raid that killed reviled terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, who ordered the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on America. Biden had opposed the raid,” the report continued.

“Transcripts look great. I’ve got your back on the other thing,” senior White House adviser Antony Blinken commented in a message sent to then-Vice President Biden on Oct. 23, 2012, just a few weeks before the presidential election was held. “Also I re-read that transcript and – – not that this is much better — potus was not referring to decision to get bin laden but rather warning Pakistan. Goes back to 2008 campaign. I can explain.”

A few other sensitive emails concerned communications between now-Secretary of State Blinken and Biden, including one that took place during a period of time when tensions between the Kurds and Iraqis were high.

“Mosul — is due west of Erbil BUT in Iraq proper, NOT in the KRG. It’s just west of the green line on the Iraq side,” Blinken remarked in one email message sent to the vice president, which contained some geographic context.

“Further to this – there are parts of Nineveh Province that are disputed and a very small piece of Mosul itself, but the Kurds make no claim to the city as an entity. Lots of oil though, so could become a flash point,” Blinken told Biden.

A pattern that emerges from the messages is that staffers felt at ease sending Biden official information to his private email account, which included schedules of meetings, even those meetings that featured sensitive individuals.

“For instance, White House official Cathy Cheung sent a tentative itinerary that revealed Biden was planning a private meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at the Naval Observatory in fall 2012,” Solomon divulged.

“Sir, this is what the day would look like if you depart on Thursday for the service,” Cheung wrote in a message sent to Biden on his private email account. “AM – 30 minute meeting with Secretary Panetta at NavObs.”

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  1. They need to FRY Bidens a** but good.He has ruined what was a Good ecoonmy with his givign away billions ot folks who do NOT know how to use our weapons, and keep us struggling with these high pirces. He need sto GIVE OP on asecind term.He annot handle it with hsi health. He ‘s NOT superm,an, dfasr from it. Maybe Trump will kick his a** in the election, I sure hope so, four more years of Biden,,we’re all Doomed.

  2. Everything this so-called president did should go to trial when he is no longer president, just like Trump. The Demo. talk about democracy, well let’s get some in 2025. TRUMP. Now Trump didn’t bring Hillary up on charges for deleting thousands of e-mails (when he should have) but I really hope he puts the screws to Joey and Hillary this time around.


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