GOP Presidential Candidate Uncorks On CNN Pundit

(Congressional Agenda) – If you’ve been politically active over the last decade, or at the very least, a consumer of various network news, you’re well aware that many of the outlets in existence are propagandists working for progressive Democrats with the goal in mind of helping to usher in a new version of America that looks nothing like the vision of our founders.

Part of the process of crafting and pushing narratives that sow the seeds of progressive thought in viewers is to paint those who are in opposition to their ideas as the bad guys, the villains of the story. According to Michael Schwarz of The Western Journal, a great example of this is how the left makes anyone who supports border security a “Nazi” or a “racist.”

Well, there’s at least one Republican who is tired of the leftist media’s shenanigans and he’s not taking it anymore. In fact, he might have just provided conservatives across the country with their own response to those in the liberal camp who would slander their good name by making baseless accusations like the one mentioned above. Be warned. This response is a bit on the vulgar side.

“At the Turning Point USA ‘AmericaFest’ conference in Phoenix on Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy spoke for those tens of millions of Americans when he told race-baiting and fear-mongering CNN pundit Van Jones to ‘just shut the f*** up,'” the report noted.

Ramaswamy is building a reputation of being a man who isn’t afraid to tell the unvarnished truth over the course of his presidential campaign. We have witnessed him cut loose on establishment figures during the last couple of debates.

“At the fourth GOP presidential debate on Dec. 6, Ramaswamy declared that ‘the great replacement theory is not some grand right-wing conspiracy theory, but a basic statement of the Democratic Party’s platform,'” Schwarz wrote of the pharmaceutical executive.

“In other words, Democrats have spent several generations alienating the white working class. Those voters now overwhelmingly support former President Donald Trump. Thus, modern Democrats prefer open borders because they view illegal immigrants as future Democrat voters,” the report continued.

The fact that Ramaswamy even mentioned the “great replacement theory” almost made Jones’ head explode.

“And the smug, condescending way that he just spews this poison out is very, very dangerous because he won’t stop Trump, but he’s gonna outlive Trump by about 50 years,” Jones went on to say afterward of Ramaswamy on CNN.

“And you’re watching the rise of an American demagogue that is a very, very despicable person,” he explained further. Oh, he wasn’t done yet. He then said, “I was shaking listening to him talk because a lot of people don’t know that is one step away from Nazi propaganda coming out of his mouth.”

So Van Jones just accused an Indian man of being a white supremacist Nazi. If you didn’t already think he was intellectually challenged, that comment should do the trick.

This sort of commentary from Jones is far from odd. In fact, he has a deep rooted history of racially charged slander.

“This was a whitelash against a changing country,” he stated concerning Trump’s big win in the 2016 presidential election. “It was whitelash against a black president in part. And that’s the part where the pain comes.”

He has repeatedly beaten down Trump and those who support him, so much so, in fact, that people now just roll their eyes and ignore anything that comes out of his mouth.

Ramaswamy’s response to Jones, however, demonstrates people are ready to fight back against the slander and insanity the left continues to push.

“You got this character Van Jones on CNN afterwards saying, ‘This is the rise of an American demagogue who’s gonna live 50 years longer than Trump. This is dangerous. I am shaking.’ That’s what he says,” Ramaswamy remarked during his speech to the audience.

He then shook his head, gave a chuckle and asserted, “Just shut the f*** up. At a certain point, just shut the f*** up. Van Jones at CNN.”

That pretty much sums up everything the American people want to say to the liberal talking heads in the media. The comment resulted in rowdy cheers among the audience members.

The radical left still doesn’t get it. We the people are done. We’ve had it. No more playing around and taking insult after insult. We’re going to stand up for ourselves, our values, and our way of life. We will no longer sit back and just take the verbal beatings. We’ll stand against the garbage and continue to speak the truth boldly, pushing back against slander.

Ramaswamy is proof of that.

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