Former Fox News Correspondent Makes ‘Dark’ Prediction For 2024

(Congressional Agenda) – Catherine Herridge, a CBS Investigative Correspondent, ended up causing quite a stir when she shared some rather “dark” predictions for the upcoming year. Herridge has a well established reputation for being objective and fair, which is more than can be said for most journalists working for a major network or outlet. The reporter’s concerns with 2024 seemed to resonate with many Americans who are worried about the current direction our nation is headed, particularly under the leadership of President Joe Biden.

According to BizPac Review, Herridge told viewers in a clip from “Face the Nation” that she’s “concerned that 2024 may be the year of a black swan event.”

For those who might not be clear on what a “black swan event” is, it’s usually some kind of surprise event that takes place which has massive, widespread effects. Herridge herself went on to provide a detailed explanation for what she meant.

“This is a national security event with high impact,” she explained, “so it’s very hard to predict. There are a number of concerns that I have that factor into that.”

The journalist cited our country’s “enduring heightened threat level,” along with the conflicts raging in both Israel and Ukraine as playing a significant part in her prediction.

“And we’re so divided in this country in ways that we haven’t seen before. And I think that just creates fertile ground for our adversaries like North Korea, China, and Iran. And that’s what concerns me most,” Herridge asserted.

Something that was missing from her prediction is the current border crisis that continues to rage on as President Joe Biden refuses to take any sort of action to stop the massive influx of illegal aliens swarming into our country. Why is he just sitting behind the desk of the Oval Office watching hundreds of thousands of illegals cross into our country, spiking crime in major cities and sucking up already limited resources, while doing nothing?

Most likely, it’s part of an experiment designed to alter the demographics in the United States so liberals can win more elections. They want to hook illegal aliens on free stuff, paid for courtesy of the American taxpayer, and say Republicans want to take all of this away from them. The next logical step is busing them to voting locations in the country where an ID is not required to cast a ballot and the rest is self-explanatory.

Additionally, the threat of terrorists taking advantage of the open border policy to gain access to our country is real and it’s a serious problem.

“Add to that, many political pundits have predicted doomsday scenarios should former president Donald Trump’s adversaries right here in the U.S. succeed in keeping him off the 2024 ballot. Needless to say, with the world seemingly on fire, and the U.S. borders being invaded every day, Herridge’s prediction rang home for many, and they agreed with the longtime journalist,” the BPR report stated.

At the end of the day, we must put our faith and trust in God, pray, and take legal, constitutionally sound action to prepare. We need to fight back against the enemies of the state and their attempts to radically transform the greatest nation on earth.

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  1. Sorry but we just may have passes the time when we could reverse the damage that obama, and his shell of a president Biden, has already done to our country. There are actually so many of our enemies already here because of the open border policies, that when they get the call they can begin their destruction of our country from the inside. That correspondent is right when she says it looks like it could be a dark year for us in 2024.

  2. Well, by November 2024 HAM MAS should be in the tunnels, I mean ground, meaning dead. So, what could the democrats plan on using as an excuse to shut the country down. More then likely, the democrats figure by November 2024 there will be enough illegal criminals that they will collapse the economy as taxpayer’s money collapses under the weight of supporting these illegal criminals. Also by November 2024, enough democrat states will have given enough illegal criminals drivers licenses that lead illegals to be able to vote in the election not just the right to drive on taxpayer’s roads. Also, by November, enough illegal criminals will have picked up enough jobs to put the lower and middle class out of work and on unemployment if there is enough money left to pay taxpayers unemployment. We will be just another third world country ready to be taken over by the commies illegal criminal’s vote and the illegal criminals who have no idea due to them being from controlled govts how to tell commies from Americans to have done their job of bringing about another commie country. And ordinary democrats don’t see this road the U.S. is on because they don’t want to see this road, all they want is to stay a democrat no matter what democrats are really for. This democrat party needs to be ended and needs to be ended now before the destruction of our economy cannot be repaired.

  3. Why doesn’t the Courts and the DOJ go after those who desire to perpetrate this great injustice on what used to be a great nation. They should already be preparing many, many treason charges and preparing prison cells. Instead they cover up treason.. They even help perpetrate it themselves by covering up heinous crimes for people of a certain political persuasion. We need to try DOJ Officials for treasom and erect a gallows, plus open Guantanamo for them.


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