FBI Reinstates Jan. 6 Whistleblower’s Top Secret Security Clearance: ‘Total Vindication’

(Congressional Agenda) – The security clearance for a whistleblower who developed a steel spine and questioned the official narrative concerning confidential informants and riot at the Capitol building, claiming that FBI Director Christopher Wray was not telling the truth, has been reinstated by the bureau. You know that’s just chapping the backsides of those who were trying to keep a tight lid on this incident.

According to a new report published by The Daily Signal, “Marcus Allen, an FBI staff operations specialist who was suspended without pay for two years, dropped his retaliation complaint against the FBI in a letter Tuesday to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. But Allen asked Horowitz to release additional information for Congress to review.”

“Allen testified in May 2023 before the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. The news comes days after a settlement in which Allen resigned and the FBI agreed to reinstate his security clearance and allow back pay during his suspension,” the article continued.

While Allen was suspended, the bureau refused to handover documentation that was necessary for him to get other employment, a fact he revealed during his testimony before House lawmakers. This is how the tyrants in the Justice Department, headed up by Attorney General Merrick Garland, punish those who are not on board with the deep state agenda and actually dare to take a stand against it.

“This is a total vindication for Marcus [Allen]. In what appears to be an unprecedented move, the FBI has completely backed down and provided everything that we had asked for on behalf of Marcus,” Tristan Leavitt, president of Empower Oversight, a whistleblower advocacy group that represents Allen, went on to say in a written statement.

The group representing Allen had filed an appeal back in October of 2023 based on evidence that contradicted the claims made by the FBI in its own files.

“Right finally won one, and we couldn’t be happier for Marcus and his family,” Leavitt added. “They have seen the worst side of our federal government and have come out on the other side. It’s a testament to Marcus, his belief that right would eventually prevail, and the unwavering support of his family and friends.”

In a letter sent out on Tuesday to the DOJ’s Horowitz, Leavitt referred to the bureau’s decision to reinstate Allen’s security clearance as vindication.

“However, some members of Congress uncritically repeated those accusations, and the press widely amplified them at the time,” Leavitt’s letter reads. “Your inquiry has undoubtedly gathered additional important context to help set the record straight, so Mr. Allen respectfully requests that you release that information in the interests of transparency and accountability.”

“While I feel vindicated now in getting back my security clearance, it is sad that in the country I fought for as a Marine, the FBI was allowed to lie about my loyalty to the U.S. for two years,” Allen remarked in a public statement of his own.

“Unless there is accountability, it will keep happening to others,” he continued. “Better oversight and changes to security clearance laws are key to stop abuses suffered by whistleblowers like me.”

A report that was made available to the public last month says that the Office of Inspector General found that the FBI does not provide a way for those who work for the agency to appeal a suspended security clearance that is in compliance with an updated 2022 version of the regulation and has failed to give its employees a way to stay on the payroll.

And this is how they treated the 2019 employee of the year at the bureau’s field office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pretty deplorable.

“During congressional testimony in 2022, Wray was less than clear about whether confidential informants mingled with rioters who breached the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021,” The Daily Signal noted.

“I was not in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, I played no part in the events of Jan. 6, and I condemn all criminal activity that occurred,” Allen went on to say in testimony to the House panel last year. “Instead, it appears that I was retaliated against because I forwarded information to my superiors that questioned the official narrative of the events of Jan. 6. As a result, I was accused of promoting conspiratorial views and unreliable information.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, asked Allen during the proceedings, “Is it your belief that you were retaliated against because you shared an email that questioned the truthfulness of FBI Director Christopher Wray?”

Allen responded, “Yes.”

“For 27 months, Mr. Allen and his family had to survive on early withdrawals from their retirement accounts in order to continue administratively challenging the FBI’s improper revocation of his security clearance,” Leavitt said in his letter. “For 13 of those months Mr. Allen also waited on your office to complete and report on its investigation into the FBI’s abuse of the security clearance process to retaliate against him.”

On May 31st, Timothy Dunham, the Assistant Director for Human Resources at the FBI, sent a written notification to Allen, saying, “I am reinstating your top secret (TS) security clearance effective upon the receipt of this letter.”

“My decision to reinstate your security clearance is based upon a determination that the original security concerns have been investigated and have been sufficiently mitigated,” Dunham continued.

When The Daily Signal asked the FBI to provide a comment on the matter, they declined.

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