Comedian Shows No Mercy In Hilarious Takedown Of Trump Haters (VIDEO)

(Congressional Agenda) – Trump Derangement Syndrome started out as a joke, a made up mental illness to describe the very unhealthy obsession so many radical leftists have with former President Donald Trump, blaming him for things he had no control over, along with constantly twisting every news story published, whether about politics or entertainment, into somehow being about Trump. Now, however, it has almost been made into something real. The madness and pure hatred for the 45th president is burning hotter than ever as he faces four indictments head-on and is still campaigning to be the GOP presidential nominee to run against Joe Biden next year.

If liberals were hoping that they could escape their own head and get away from the bad orange man for a while by attending a comedy performance put on by legendary funny man Jim Breuer, they were sorely mistaken. When Breuer took the stage at The Paramount, a club located in Huntington, New York for his “Country Boy Will Survive” tour, he gave Trump haters no quarter.

“What is going on?” he went on to ask the audience attending the event before repeating, this time with extra emphasis, “I mean, what — is going on?”

According to BizPac Review, the comedian then went on a two-minute long rip of material that tore into the metaphorical venom spit from unhinged left-wingers who vehemently oppose Trump, going on to say, “It’s passed if you’re divided politically even — you have to admit — even if you’re like ‘I don’t care as long as it’s not you-know-who,’” as he tossed out some puking noises to go with his raging voice.

“That was like a demonic, the devil came out and just, ‘We’re gonna make people hate Donald Trump!’” he added. To give extra seasoning to the performance he pretended to swish a devil tail behind him as he made his way across the stage, making the suggestion that Democrats are controlled by demonic forces. It certainly seems that way, right? How else can you possibly explain their obsession not only with hating Trump, but murdering unborn children, normalizing sexual deviancy in schools, and a host of other immoral ideals and practices?

“I hate Donald Trump. He’s a racist. He’s a dirtbag, white supremacist. He’s a insurrectionist. He’s a, he’s a, they lynch people,” Breuer said in a whiny voice meant to mock the weenies on the left.

“Even — I’m not gonna blame ya ’cause I saw the news channels. I saw them saying, ‘He’s racist! He’s sexist!’” the comedian then yelled, making fake horns on his head as he hammered on corporate media hatred for Trump. “You would just wake up to pee in the middle of the night, ‘He hates Mexicans. He says they’re rapists and he hates black people.’”

Breuer was in no mood to spare anyone, immediately turning to radical feminism, saying, “Remember the Women’s March? ‘We’re gonna march. I have a vagina. I have a vagina.’ Oh, they knew what a woman was then.”


The folks who attended the show called the performance “comedy gold.” Some noted that if you closed your eyes and listened to the material, you could picture that special leftist in your life saying these exact same things. In other words, Breuer was 100 percent accurate in pointing out the absurdity of liberal America.

Check out more responses from X/Twitter:

“As the special continued, Breuer made sure to call out the contrast to incumbent President Joe Biden as the audience roared when he pointed out, ‘If this was like part of your family, there’s no way you would allow this to happen,'” BPR stated in its report on Breuer.

“A march around the stage like an invalid was followed by a reference to Biden’s alleged involvement with his crack-addled son’s foreign business deals as Breuer capped off his point, ‘As long as he’s not HIM! HIM! Blind emotions. You don’t think that ain’t the sitcom for the rest of the world,'” it continued.

This is why it’s so important to fight for freedom of speech, especially in the realm of entertainment and comedy. Professionals like Breuer are super fun to watch, but the reason his bit is so comical is because we all know it’s true. His voice, his opinions, it’s all being put out in the open and it resonates with certain folks who feel angry and disconnected by the utter insanity taking place in our culture right now. Breuer shows them they are not alone and helps to relieve the stress caused by living in such a time.

Let’s hope he keeps up the good work.

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