CA Sheriff ‘Changing Teams’ Endorses Trump

(Congressional Agenda) – The Democratic Party, having been infected by extremist progressives, is hemorrhaging members as more and more people have their eyes opened due to experiencing the absolute nightmare that is left-wing economic policy. When a trip to the supermarket involves potentially filing bankruptcy to put food on the table, it has a way of putting your priorities in the proper order, politically speaking.

The latest individual to abandon liberals and go all-in for former President Donald Trump is California Sheriff Chad Bianco. Bianco has spent nearly an entire lifetime working in the field of law enforcement and never thought he’d be backing a billionaire real estate mogul for the White House.

Connor Cavanaugh of The Western Journal writes, “During a 30-year career with the sheriff’s office of Riverside County, California — elected to the top spot in 2018 — Bianco has had many different encounters with criminals — and built a national reputation as a law-and-order conservative. However, the felon that Bianco intends to support isn’t the kind of common criminal selling drugs or committing violent offenses that Bianco sees so often in the crime-loving state of California.”

The convict we’re speaking of who has the sheriff changing teams is none other than the legend himself, former President Donald Trump.

“The outspoken Californian released a video on social media Saturday informing followers that despite Trump being convicted on 34 felony counts in New York, Bianco fully intends to put his support in the presumptive Republican nominee,” Cavanaugh continues.

Cavanaugh says, “He opens by lamenting how Californian Gov. Gavin Newsom and the other Democrats in power have been actively making the law harder to enforce through numerous pro-criminal decisions.”

“For the last five years I’ve been very critical about our governor for slashing our budgets from corrections, for letting prisoners out early, for closing our prisons,” Bianco revealed in the video.

“I’ve been critical of our state legislature for passing laws to make it harder to put people in prison. I’ve been critical for their changing laws that let prisoners out early. And I’ve been critical of our attorney general for seemingly not caring about crime,” he added.

Bianco, whose office is nonpartisan, then went on to say the “love affair” that leadership in his state seems to have for lawbreakers and criminals comes from the misguided and just plain foolish “belief that criminals are not responsible for their own actions.”

He explained that individuals in positions of power point fingers at a variety of different systems like law enforcement, claiming they are “systemically racist” and allowing the bad guys to roam the streets, creating a whole new class of victim, as a means of atoning for it.

The sheriff confessed that he’s just plain “getting tired” of it all and declared it might be time to switch teams.

“I know it’s going to make some of you angry, I know that you’re going to be mad at me but I’m going to change teams. I think they’re onto something but I don’t think they’re doing enough,” he stated in the video posted on social media.

“He said Americans need to go big and rather than simply giving criminals drugs, booze and housing,” Cavanaugh says in the article.

The sheriff then commented that the American people need to “put a felon in the White House.”

Boy, all of those liberals who thought getting Trump convicted of these trumped up charges — pun absolutely intended — would lead to his political demise are quickly finding out the exact opposite is true. They’ve made him a martyr, increased his popularity and visibility, transforming him into even more of a force to be reckoned with.

“Trump 2024, baby. Let’s save this country and make America great again,” Bianco finished.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  1. Anyone involved in Law Enforcement in the USA who still supports the Democrats needs to take a step back from their emotional entanglement with their ideas and opinions and take a dispassionate look at them.


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