Biden Calls Inflation A ‘Good’ Opportunity… The Reason Is Infuriating And Absurd

(Congressional Agenda) – During his beach vacation in Delaware, Joe Biden took an opportunity to yuck it up with reporters, stating that the recent hike in gas prices is actually a “good opportunity” to “make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy.”

This certainly seems to indicate that the radical left is purposefully trying to damage the economy in order to force certain pieces of their agenda into place, doesn’t it? I mean, the leader of the nation is calling gas prices that have soared astronomically a good thing because it forces us to move faster toward renewable energy, despite the fact that the technology we currently possess is nowhere near ready to provide the level of energy needed to keep the country running.

“My dear mother used to have an expression: Out of everything lousy, something good will happen if you look hard enough for it,” Biden went on to say on Monday. “We have a chance here to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and not just electric vehicles but across the board.”

As of this writing, the national average price for gasoline at the pump for regular, according to the folks at AAA, is $4.98 a gallon. If you are unfortunate enough to live in the state of California, your average is around $6.38 a gallon. Basically, in order to fill up your gas tank you have to sell away the soul of your firstborn child.

According to WND, Biden has pointed the finger for the insane prices at the pump at COVID, Russia invading Ukraine, and “greedy” oil companies.

Notice anyone missing from that list?

Biden is totally ignoring his own disastrous policies as the cause for the current cost of gas, despite the fact that things started heading south the moment he decided to pull the plug on the Keystone XL Pipeline before his backside hit the chair in the Oval Office.

Biden then went on to tell reporters that his team “will be sitting down with the executives of the major oil companies this week, so I can get an explanation of how they justify making $35 billion in the first quarter.”

“On Tuesday, Biden spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre stumbled – some on Twitter saw it as a Freudian slip – when she tried to assure reporters at the daily briefing that Biden was working on the problem,” the report said.

“The president has been very clear in making sure that he does everything that he can to elevate – to alleviate – the pain that American families are feeling when it comes to gas prices,” she continued.

Jean-Pierre then stated that the president is “looking at an array of options,” though there was nothing to share at the time.

“One option being floated is a federal gas tax holiday that would suspend the tax of 18.4 cents per gallon of gas and 24.4 cents for diesel. But critics argue the savings would be minimal for drivers and ultimately would drive inflation further,” the WND report said.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz stated in a recent interview with Newsmax that he doesn’t believe the spike in gas prices are an accident, making the argument that Biden could lift the restrictions on drilling and pipeline permits right this second and things would begin to change.

However, the senator then said Biden won’t do that because he is “in hock to the Green New Deal radicals.”

And I think Cruz is right on the money.

If you don’t drive the kind of vehicle they want you to drive — electric cars — they will make your life absolutely miserable until you cave in and comply. This is how tyrants work.

Who else can’t wait for that red wave in November?

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