Biden Brags About Boosting Federal Pay While America Suffers

(Congressional Agenda) – When it comes to economic policies and how they impact Americans, President Joe Biden seems to be totally and utterly clueless. A good case in point is the president’s recent bragging about giving federal workers a nice bump in pay, meanwhile, the average individual is struggling to make ends meet and now living paycheck-to-paycheck thanks to the obscene price of basic goods at the grocery store among other bumps in the cost necessities. You have to wonder what he was thinking by doing this during an election year.

“With the swipe of a pen Thursday, the president delivered an early Christmas present to federal workers even larger than the year before in the form of a 5.2% taxpayer-funded raise. While sycophants celebrated the highest increase of its kind since 1980, as in around the last time inflation was soaring, realists doused cold water on the move,” BizPac Review noted.

“Following the signing of the executive order on adjustments of certain rates of pay, the social media account Biden’s Wins had taken to X on Monday to laud the president’s commitment to his historically devastating ‘build back better’ spiel,” the report continued.

“BREAKING: President Biden just enacted a historic 5.2% pay raise for federal workers. This is the largest pay raise since 1980. This is another example of President Biden’s commitment to building an economy from the bottom up and middle out,” the account boasted cluelessly.

The Government Executive, a government business news daily publication, reported that the bump, which came out to 5.2 percent, landed in second place for the highest raise behind former President Jimmy Carter’s staggering 9.1 percent raise implemented toward the end of his administration.

Users on social media were eager to rip it apart, especially since the vast majority of Americans are suffering economically while Biden does nothing to solve the problem.

“This isn’t a ‘win,’” one user said in their post as they called out the account’s name. “The rest of the US workers — who PAY federal workers salaries — didn’t get 5.2% raises. Many got no raise at all — and were lucky if they kept their jobs.”

Another one asked, “How is using the federal government to increase wages for its own workers with our tax dollars building from the bottom up?”

“Like the promises of loan debt bailouts from Biden that came in closer proximity to the midterm elections, the pay raises precede the 2024 presidential election primaries, for which the incumbent faces challengers in author Marianne Williamson and Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips,” BPR stated.

With Biden’s approval rating going down the toilet, many folks see this as an effort to improve his numbers.

One of the many reasons Biden does not deserve a second term in office is due to the damage he’s done to our economy. Americans have not had an opportunity to recover, yet that hasn’t stopped the president from more or less doubling down on his policies. Whoever the nominee is for the GOP next year, they better have a solid grasp on financial issues, else they might be sent packing.

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  1. This is just another way Biden is BUYING VOTES, This what Biden does BUY VOTES. America wake up, Biden is corrupt no matter what he does . He does not care about America or the American people , OPEN Borders is Destroying America. Let illegals in our country then give them Photo ID, could this be so they can Vote? I would say Biden is buying Votes again. We need to get Biden out of Office .

  2. The Senior Citizens on Social Security did not get that much of an increase to cover high inflation cost, but young working Fed Employees get 5.2 % increase! How does he justify the 2% less for seniors living on SS? Aren’t the same numbers valid for seniors as younger employees?? WHY MORE TO FED EMPLOYEES?? Votes?


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