Backlash: Biden’s Disinformation Czar Resigns As Biden’s Ministry Of Truth Collapses

(Congressional Agenda) – With midterm elections right around the corner, Democrats are scrambling to get Americans to forget about how awful they are.

Suddenly, there’s barely any more talk of COVID, the latest mass shooting in Buffalo, New York is being blamed on Trump, MAGA and conservatism, there was an unprecedented SCOTUS leak regarding Roe v Wade, and now it looks like the radicals are pumping the breaks on the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board.

On Monday, it was announced Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” would be “paused” after the partisan leftist assigned to run it, resigned.

Nina Jankowicz stepped down as the executive director of the Disinformation Governance Board on Wednesday and the entire operation has been put on hold after major backlash from lawmakers and other political figures on the right who object to the government instructing the American people on “disinformation.”

Officials at the Department of Homeland Security attempted to convince Jankowicz to stay with the agency after it had been put on hold, with the hope of restructuring it to ward off criticism regarding civil liberties.

However, Jankowicz sent a letter of resignation to the Department on Wednesday morning.

Federal officials, such as DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, attempted to counter criticism of the agency by claiming it would only be used to fight foreign propaganda from Iranian, Russian and drug cartel sources.

No one is believing that lie, especially considering Jankowicz’s history of political partisanship and the fact that leftists have already proven their enthusiasm for shutting down and silencing political opposition any way they can.

The so-called disinformation “expert” had already sought the power to forcibly “edit” the tweets of private citizens in a proposal that many likened to Stalin’s Soviet Union. A government agency “editing” tweets is without a doubt a violation of the First Amendment. The Biden regime, however, has no concern for the Constitution.

Mayorkas attempted to counter criticism of Jankowicz’s support for the left and her zeal for censorship by claiming she’s an “expert” in the field of countering disinformation.

Of course, leftists were enraged that DHS didn’t use censorship to shut down criticism of the project and Jankowicz’s political record prior to her resignation. How fitting.

Republicans were already working on legislation to defund the so-called “disinformation” board and there’s no doubt GOP candidates would have targeted the board in their campaigning and shut it down in the event of a red wave in November.

Having a government-controlled “Disinformation Governance Board” is really just the next obvious step in the regime’s anti-American, communist agenda.

Fortunately, the Biden regime has enough sense to shut it down for now. Expect it’s revival should the midterm elections be rigged like the 2020 presidential election and Democrats somehow retain control.

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