ARMAGEDDON: Biden Caught And Released Enough Illegals To Fill More Than 17 Yankee Stadiums

(Congressional Agenda) – As we head into the thick of the 2024 presidential cycle, one of the most important issues facing Americans today is without a doubt the border crisis. We are seeing mind-blowing numbers of illegal aliens cross the border on a daily basis — we’re talking thousands upon thousands — gaining access to the interior of the United States and then disappearing. As a result of this madness, crime rates in border states and other major cities in the nation have skyrocketed. And, of course, there’s the potential that radical Islamic terrorists have taken advantage of what has amounted to an open borders policy by the president’s administration.

As per the Daily Caller, the number of illegal aliens that have been caught and ultimately released in 2023 alone is enough to fill Yankee Stadium, not once, not twice, but more than 17 times. How can anyone look at this nonsense and not think that Biden and the Democrats are purposefully allowing illegals to come into America in order to change demographics in the country and fill voter rolls, particular in states without voter ID requirements? Why else would Biden refuse to do his job to enforce the law and make the country safe?

“Border Patrol recorded more than 1.7 million encounters with migrants crossing the southern border illegally in 2023, with more than 824,000 released into the interior of the country with future court appearances, according to the data, which doesn’t account for December. Yankee Stadium has the capacity to hold 46,537 people, according to Ticketmaster,” the report noted.

“Federal authorities at the southern border also seized more than 229,000 pounds of drugs, roughly 22,000 pounds of which were fentanyl,” the piece continued.

“In retrospect, 2023 at the border was a progressively worse version of 2022,” former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said during an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Biden continued to double down on his failed border policies, illegal immigration continued skyrocketing to unimaginable levels, the cartels made more money than most people can fathom with less risk than at anytime in history, Customs and Border Protection suspended legal trade and travel to decrease the time in custody for illegal aliens, and the US Border Patrol shut down checkpoints and deployed nearly zero proactive patrols.”

“Biden’s only response was to send Mayorkas and Blinken to Mexico and asks them to control their border,” he continued.

Former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, Tom Homan, who served during the Trump era, is convinced that the Biden administration, particularly Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, is responsible for the current crisis unfolding at the border.

“We are almost three years into this administration and they continue to break records. Historic records of illegal crossings along with historic migrant deaths on US soil, historic number of terror watch list crossings, a record number of women and children being sex trafficked, and a record number of young Americans being poisoned by fentanyl that flows across the open border,” Homan commented to the DCNF.

It’s likely that Mayorkas is going to pay a steep price for the role he has played in the crisis as the House Homeland Security Committee is getting ready to launch impeachment proceedings against him this year.

“The Biden Administration is breaking records everyday and none of them are good. Enough. Time to impeach Mayorkas. No more excuses. This country needs action now,” Homan stated during the interview.

“Despite the record flows of illegal migrants across the southern border, ICE has left thousands of detention beds empty, according to the DCNF’s previous review of agency data. As of Dec. 11, ICE had seven individuals on average in custody each day at its processing center in Adelanto, California, where there is bed space for 640 people, according to agency data,” the DC divulged.

Many professionals who work in this field have declared things are about to get worse. It’s hard to imagine how the crisis along the border can possibly slide down the drain any further, but J.J. Carrell, a deputy patrol agent who was in charge for Border Patrol, is predicting exactly that.

“We have never experienced this type of invasion in the history of America,” Carrell remarked. “And when you look at the totality of the data, meaning Special Interest Aliens, Russian nationals, Chinese nationals, terrorists, criminal aliens, major cities crumbling, social welfare, states of emergencies, I believe that when we look back on 2023 from the viewpoint of 2024, I think 2023 is gonna look tame, and that’s scary. I think that should scare America.”

The solution is simple: build the wall, enforce the law.

Now we just need someone in office who will help put these two things into practice.

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  1. How can any thinking person not see that the Biden administration is destroying our country by allowing unlimited number of these illegals into this country. All those that come here are being taken care of by the governments at all levels, meaning of course the taxpayers. They are being treated better than some of our own citizens that are homeless and living on the streets. Why does the left not see this as being a problem for this country. Do we really want to be known as the dumping ground for the world’s poor?


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